Data Analysis: B2B Marketing Tips

I recently learned that the majority of people who attempt to analyze their research data have no idea how. If you’’ve been testing your own target audience and find yourself in the same boat, you may want to re-evaluate your current testing plan.

b2b office suppliesHow should you start?

Start off with qualitative research to find out what your target audience likes. Don’’t just assume you know the most resonant images, or the most effective calls to action. Find out what the audience likes first, and then test among those.

How should you test?

Focus your research questions and what you are testing. You don’’t want to ask too many questions (i.e., test too many things), or it can become difficult to analyze the data due to possible interactions between variables.

What should you do with your data?

Use it! If you know which questions you’’re asking, and aren’’t asking too many,— it should be significantly easier for you to analyze your data and begin using it.

And remember!

Don’’t be confined to just using it with one strategy or one campaign; think outside of the box. Does their image choice reflect an idea about them that can be used in multiple campaigns? You are testing what your research audience likes; thus, it is research related to your target audience. So remember to save and compile these things to further learn the persona of whom you’’re targeting,— and thus help motivate their buyer behavior.

Start creating your B2B Buyer Personas today!