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Today I was driving back from a business meeting south of Atlanta. My route back to the office happened to take me through one of the most depressed areas of metro Atlanta. Now, what do we know about urban areas of large cities? Well, we can make lots of assumptions, but one thing we know is that there isn’t a whole lot of disposable wealth in these areas. So answer me this: Why would a billboard be placed square in the middle of a low-income area with the message “Donate your boat to charity”?

Who are you? billboardNow lets forget for a minute that this is in the heart of Atlanta, and there isn’t a lake within 45 minutes of the area, and ask ourselves: Who here has a boat? Much less one that they can DONATE to charity?

In this day and age of targeted marketing, we can do much better than this. Check out this post from Jonathan Mendez about targeted online messaging and ad placement. It is quite amazing.

After watching the video, ask yourself – Do we even need billboards on the side of the road anymore?