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16 Killer Social Media Management Tools

Social media management has risen to become a major focus area for marketers. Irrespective of the size of a company, it is important to have an active presence on various social media platforms. It is equally essential to know how to manage them efficiently and make the most of their benefits and features.

However, handling many different networks at the same time is challenging. In such a scenario, social media management tools come in handy. These tools can help you track interactions with your brand on social media and enable you to respond accordingly. Also with such tools, you can monitor all your social accounts from a single dashboard, analyze your online activities and even schedule posts in advance.

What Kinds Of Social Media Management Tools Are Out There?

There are many tools available online and selecting the right one for your firm can be a daunting task. Each social media platform has unique advantages which can be harnessed to bring in customers and revenue.

Let’s check out some of the popular social media management tools —

1) Buffer

Buffer is a tool used to schedule content on social media. You can think of Buffer as a virtual queue, which you can fill with content and schedule posting times for the entire day.

Buffer social media management tool screenshot


The tool helps in maintaining a consistent social media schedule for weeks without micro-managing the delivery times. Furthermore, the platform displays the analytics related to your online engagement and the amount of reach your posts have.

2) HootSuite

Hootsuite is one of the well-known dashboards, which helps with managing social media campaigns. It allows you to handle multiple accounts in a single location. This tool works with all kinds of blogging and social media platforms. Furthermore, if the network you want to add is not available from the free service, the tool’s App Directory helps in adding an account to your dashboard.

Hootsuite social media management tool screenshot

Using this tool, you can track any mentions of your brand, schedule various updates, and analyze the social media traffic in a comprehensive manner. Also, you can track searches, conversions, and results right from your dashboard. You can even gain access to your dashboard using a mobile app and check your account at anytime and anywhere.


This is a robust and powerful Internet automation website. IFTTT can save a lot of your time by managing social media and various other tasks through recipes. With this tool, you can connect with any major channel or network to automate sharing on different websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and much more.

If then social media management tool screenshot

For example, you can send out tweets automatically every time you publish a new blog or receive emails whenever your favorite magazine has something new to say. Also, IFTTT works well with Hootsuite and Buffer and even enhances these tools further. This is a highly beneficial tool for various social media professionals.

4) TweetDeck

This is a Twitter-owned web based platform which can be accessed from a laptop or desktop. TweetDeck allows you to monitor your Twitter feeds and handle your personal as well as business social media accounts in a single location. Also with this tool, you can schedule posts and set notifications for relevant links, keywords, and hashtags.

A screen shot of TweetDeck

This tool has an organized and clean interface and even helps in arranging your feed into columns and provides filter capabilities. You can even organize your feed into lists and groups of your choice such as potential clients or preferred customers. Even though the platform is not available as a mobile app, it is compatible with Mac and Windows computers.

5) SocialOomph

The best app for saving time and increasing productivity is SocialOomph. It has paid as well as free options that provide various choices, right from scheduling content to releasing a daily email digest of all your social media activities. This app is compatible with different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Socialoomph screenshot

One of the advantages of this tool is that it has a lot of bandwidth for scheduling content. For example, you can schedule more than 400 future tweets in a single instance. You can easily search for and follow brands and people, track keywords and monitor activities. Plus, you can integrate the SocialOomph tool with your email account, thereby keeping your inbox and messages organized. These functions are performed through guaranteed secured access, so you get the assurance that your information is safe.

6) Tweepi

This is a unique management tool used on Twitter. Through Tweepi, you can reciprocate followings, cleanup inactivity, and follow new and exciting tweets. It has a pro version which allows you to perform bulk unfollow or follow actions of up to 200-300 users in a single instance, thereby making it one of the most powerful tools on Twitter.

Tweepi social media management screenshot

7) Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the best scheduling dashboards that is useful in detecting your activities on various social media platforms. This is done by combining all the information into one single manageable feed.

Sprout Social social media screenshot

Also, the platform has interactive and user-friendly business development tools useful for your social media accounts. This includes analytics which can help in monitoring online interactions, hashtags, and keywords. Furthermore, these visual metrics are available through the mobile app or online. Also, the single feed feature is quite useful. The tool is ideal for small or emerging businesses and currently works with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

8) Spredfast

Spredfast allows you to check online conversations using keyword searches. It is recommended for handling various social media websites and has strong publishing capabilities. If you are on the lookout for a platform that can provide comprehensive reports, then Spreadfast is unmatched. It helps in creating advanced analytical reports, with the data formatted in a graphical manner, making it easy to export.

Spreadfast social media screenshot

9) Oktopost

The best social media management tool used for creating leads for business is Oktopost. Using this, marketers can measure and assign a monetary value to inbound leads generated through social media posts. While Hootsuite assists in scheduling content, Oktopost helps businesses gain income.

Oktopost social media management tool screenshot

10) Tailwind

A comprehensive tool to help with your Pinterest marketing efforts is Tailwind. Using Tailwind, you can create various boards, schedule pins and perform bulk uploads. Furthermore, this tool can assist you to optimize the best time to upload your pins, thereby increasing engagement.

Tailwind social media marketing screenshot

11) SocialBro

This is a Twitter marketing tool and is commonly used to assist with your Twitter needs. From creating ads to scheduling content and reporting, you can get a lot done with Audiense’s SocialBro.

socialbro screenshot

12) Percolate

With Percolate’s customized marketing calendar, you can schedule content on various channels, collaborate and organize multiple campaigns. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for you to search for what you want.

Percolate social media management tool screenshot

For example, you can get all the images tweeted out by you or check the calendar to see how many times you have posted on different social media channels throughout the day.

13) Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is a tool for scheduling content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It creates dynamic reports of all three social media networks. You can run various kinds of promotions and contests using Agora.

Argora Pulse social media management tool screenshot

14) Socedo

The Socedo is an automated social media lead generation tool which works with LinkedIn and Twitter and helps in finding the right leads from various social media platforms. Once you get qualified leads, you need to add them to the sales funnel.

Prospect Search Criteria social media management tool screenshot

15) Social Flow

If you want to own and manage paid and earned social media activity in a single place, then try the SocialFlow tool. This tool recommends specific pins, posts, and tweets that you can use for promotion. Also, you can use segmentation options and keywords to analyze various campaigns.

Social Flow screenshot

16) Raven Tools

If you are looking for a bit more than the standard monitoring or social media management platform, then the Raven Internet Marketing tool is a perfect choice. It contains advertising and SEO components, all of which can be used from the dashboard.

Google Rank Report social media management tool screenshot

Final Thoughts

Before selecting the right social media management platform for your business, you need to have a good understanding of what your objectives are. Although there are several tools mentioned in this article, you will not need all of them to manage your brand’s online presence.
Through trial and error, find the options that can improve your existing social media strategy the most.

Author Bio:

Susan Smith is a writer at iDigic who mostly handles content related to social media marketing and using the social media platform to leverage brand awareness.