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Even The Best B2B Marketing Content Engines Can Run Out of Steam

A Tale of Too Busy.

As a partner in a B2B marketing agency, I know better than to make excuses for why I haven’t paid more attention to our content marketing efforts lately. But when I do, there’s always the “Cobbler’s kids have no shoes” to the “Plumber’s pipes are leaking” rationale that comes to mind.

We’re too damn busy. And that’s a lousy excuse.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you too are in B2B. Just as you may be in my target market, the prospects you target are business decision makers. And no matter how much business we enjoy, it’s a mistake not to continuously invest in listening, learning, developing, curating, and sharing helpful information with our clients and prospects.

Believe me. I understand how hard it is to make time for attracting new business when you are working so hard to do a good job for your current clients. I encourage all my clients to budget time and money for their content development regardless of how busy they are and yet I’ve not followed my own advice lately.

Why are we so busy? And isn’t that a good problem to have?

That’s a great question, and the answer is part of the problem.

Investing in content marketing and inbound marketing methodology for the past seven years continues to attract new visitors to our website, earn return visits, and convert that interest into leads and new business.

Even though our recent pace of posting blogs, creating helpful guides, and thought-provoking content has slowed, the earlier work we invested is working non-stop.

With hundreds of posts on our Ideas@Work Blog and a B2B Marketing Resource section on our agency website that is full of helpful eBooks, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone searching for B2B Marketing advice to find it. And we provide plenty of calls-to-action throughout our site to promote the content and drive conversions.

A solid content marketing foundation keeps working long after you build it.

Whatever industries your business serves, your investment in a base of relevant and evergreen content will pay ongoing dividends even if you aren’t adding to it every week or month. This content helps guide your potential buyers through your funnel and better enables your sales force.

The best content marketing strategy runs on renewable energy.

Human energy.

You’re not too busy to focus on your own business, and neither am I. Now let’s get back to work and make hay while the sun shines.

If you’re looking for ideas for firing up your content marketing efforts, check out this eBook in our B2B Marketing Resources section: The Case for Content Marketing.


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