A desk with tools representing google marketing tools

Google’s Suite of B2B Inbound Marketing Tools

Google has a lot of free tools for marketers to use. This is hardly a secret; many marketers are aware of their tools and use a hand full. But there are a lot out there, some of which you may not have heard of, or aren’t using to the full potential. This post will show you all of Google’s tools that are useful in b2b inbound marketing.

1) Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a must for any SEO or website owner. It allows you to communicate directly with Google to make sure your website is properly crawled and functioning. To learn more about Google Search Console and how it can be helpful to b2b marketers, click the link above. In this article I’ll give you 4 specific ways that you can use Google Search Console to improve your marketing.

2) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to understand how your website is functioning. Want to learn more about Google Analytics and how to implement it successfully in your b2b marketing efforts? Click the link above and I’ll give you 8 reports that will give you valuable insights into your website’s performance.

3) Google Trends

Google Trends is an underused tool that allows you to track and compare keywords’ performance over time. Click the link above and I’ll give you a step by step walk through of how you can use Google Trends to beef up your keyword strategy and identify quick wins.

4) Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a great tool for website developers and coders. GTM allows you to simplify and streamline the coding of your website to improve speed and performance, which are integral parts of a good website and inbound marketing strategy. To learn more about how you can implement Google Tag Manager click the link above.

5) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is arguably the best free tool out there for keyword research. If you are getting a keyword list together for a blog or for building a website, Google Keyword Planner is a must. Get an in depth explanation of GKP and see what it can do for you by clicking the link above. The link will take you to a great video by Neil Patel that will walk you through everything you need to know.

6) Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great platform for PPC advertising. While it’s technically free to create an account, this is the only tool on here that will cost money. Inbound marketing is changing. Today, PPC can be a great way to increase quality leads and sales. Take a look at this incredibly in depth guide by Main Street ROI’s Phil Frost. Phil walks you through every step of setting up a profitable Adwords campaign, giving real examples along the way.


These are the main tools that Google has to offer marketers today. Each has it’s own benefits and uses, but all of them can be used to build a stronger b2b marketing strategy.