Hello and Welcome to Creative Considerations

Hello, my name is Ryan Duffy, I’m a creative director for MLT Creative (an advertising agency in the metro Atlanta area). I begin this blog with a few thoughts on marketing, and where things are headed in the marketing/advertising arena.

Deliver Relevant Content

As our economy tightens and marketing budgets shrink, marketers are looking for tangible results— fast. Today’s technology is here to save the day. One of my absolute favorite blogs, Optimize and Prophesize by Jonathan Mendez, consistently gets it right.

Clients demand marketers to drill closer and closer to their core market, and expect quicker results. How do we do this? By using emerging technology already in hand. The tool sets are already there. Something as simple as a direct mail piece with a unique URL (to track marketing efficiency) or an email campaign with built-in incentives help inform marketing agencies what their target market is. The opportunity for businesses to find there niche is as available today as it has ever been. How are you, as a marketer, exposing your client’s target market?

Take 20 min. to look through Jonathan’s blog. The information and theories on his site will both excite and numb your brain. What he is discussing is the future of marketing and advertising. Get informed and get involved.

I will continue to discuss marketing technologies, and their place in today’s b2b marketing landscape as I develop this blog. I hope you tune in regularly to here my considerations.