Hot Off the Grill Ideas for B2B Content Marketing

Great content ideas can come from both the B2C and B2B sides of the marketing fence. They both have to attract people, but they have differences in their buying cycles. I have been a Weber Grill loyalist for many years. I bought my first one nearly 20 years ago, cooked on it almost every week until it finally was showing some age after 12 years of use. I sold it in a yard sale and purchased the next one that I still use today.

content marketing grillI like these grills because they are durable, get the job done right and I must admit, I was lured by their stellar marketing and positioning. They are one of the few companies, like Apple and Airstream, that sell the “why” to attract customers instead of the “what”.

If this concept is new to you, this great video from Simon Sinek is worthy of your time.

Weber entices visitors with the idea, the taste, the joy of grilling and by the way, they just happen to be able to bring you this experience and the grills that create them. Want to buy one?

The ideas that can carry over to B2B marketing are many:

Their website is a clean, singular focus on the grilling experience. They also have some restaurants and sell some spices, but the laser focus is on grilling. Positioning yourself as the passionate expert in a specific service or product is intoxicating to prospects.


Weber Nation website


They built a community. It’s called Weber Nation and it celebrates grilling and all of the people that love it as much as they do.


Weber blog


Theyre down in the trenches everyday. The Weber Twitter feed is helpful, vibrant and fun. All this week they have been conducting TweetChat sessions on grilling turkey, side dishes and answering questions from their followers.


Weber tweetdeck


They embrace their customers. The Weber Experience is a high-value series of videos about their customers from all across the country. They sell the brand by honestly relating their experience with it. It’s a great use of word-of-mouth marketing with some beautiful filmed and amazing testimonials.



I hope these examples inspire you, like they did me, to always be on the lookout for great B2B content marketing ideas that are useful and celebrate your brand.

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