How Your B2B Inbound Marketing Campaign Can Benefit from Fantasy Football

In Atlanta, and the state of Georgia in general, football is a pretty big deal. Folks down here absolutely love to cheer on the Atlanta Falcons and University of Georgia Bulldogs. In addition, many football fanatics love to partake in fantasy football, the virtual game in which participants act as general managers for teams they have created by “drafting” real-life players.

b2b fantasy footballYour inbound marketing campaign probably wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when reading about fantasy football. However, the two actually have quite a bit in common and the ways a fantasy football strategy is executed can sometimes mirror an inbound marketing campaign:

Doing your research

With both fantasy football and inbound marketing, research prior to executing any plans is crucial. It is important to sit down and assess what elements you will need to ensure the best results possible.

Building a solid foundation

In fantasy football, the draft is when participants select their mainstays, the players who create the strong foundational support the team will need throughout the season.

In terms of inbound marketing, building a solid foundation for your campaign should begin with your website. It’s the hub of information that you, your prospects and your customers will always return to.

Paying attention to patterns

In both inbound marketing and fantasy football, the foundational elements play a major role in succeeding. However, paying attention to and acting on patterns is where champions are made. In fantasy football this refers to keeping track of free agents and their performances so that players can be strategically added or dropped when necessary to increase the chances of winning.

When it comes to inbound marketing, this means paying close attention to emerging trends and deciding which ones to include in your campaign for optimal results. The trends you select should complement the foundational elements of your campaign but never become overpowering.

In order to make a touchdown with your inbound marketing campaign as well as with your fantasy football team means taking time to do your research, creating a strong foundation and paying attention to patterns. If you play fantasy football, how can you relate it to inbound marketing?

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