How Do We Develop B2B Content if our Brand is Boring?

In B2B marketing, we often hear some version of this question. You feel that you’re tired of talking about what you do, and no one else could possibly be interested. Right? There are very few, if any, industries that are boring. In 30 years of marketing, I have yet to come across a client, product or service that didn’t have an interesting angle or background. The key to sharing that knowledge is passing the information along with passion and storytelling.

a very sad boy

Dig into your archives

If your company has been around for a number of years, you have perspectives that need to be shared. There is great interest in hearing someone give a slice of their wisdom based on their unique historical vision. Just be sure to use storytelling techniques, play on emotions, and make them laugh, cry or reminisce; stories that connect get shared.

Remember the audience

Keep the story focused on your customer and audience, less on you. Your experience and beaten-down views on your industry can also get in your way. Write what your customer needs and wants to hear, not what you want and feel you need to tell them. Bring a fresh perspective to a lingering industry issue or standard. A little controversy and questioning the norm can make your content marketing stand out.

Develop topics and define triggers

At this point you may be thinking, “How do we come up with ideas to write about?” It’s a fair question and there are some solutions. One quick way is to study questions that come into your sales department – the reliable FAQs. You answer these questions when they are asked in conversation, just be proactive and answer them in your content. Join industry related groups on LinkedIn and routinely read industry related blogs to stay abreast of industry trends and topics. Your view on these triggers is the foundation for relevant content.

When developing your B2B inbound content, just remember, the industry may not be flashy, but your telling of the story better be. What are some examples you’ve seen of boring industries that have come to life through better storytelling?

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