How Effective is Inbound Marketing? [Infographic]

As an MLT Creative employee, one thing always remains front and center in everything I do: inbound marketing. You see, we wholeheartedly believe that clients that are willing to employ an inbound marketing strategy can make the most out of their marketing efforts while converting more website visitors into leads, and even brand advocates!

Hubspot, respected industry leaders in inbound methodology, recently published it’s State of Inbound Marketing 2014 and while reading through it I was throughly impressed with the data being presented. in this report, HubSpot surveyed over 3,500 professionals to uncover how they are using inbound strategies in their marketing plans. For instance, did you know that companies that blog are 13x more likely to generate positive marketing ROI than a company who decides not to actively blog? After finishing the report, I was compelled to create the following infographic – designed to easily illustrate what a big deal inbound is and furthermore, present some fairly eye-opening data.

It is my hope that you’ll learn something important about inbound marketing and even share the below infographic with your friends and colleagues. Enjoy!

How Effective is Inbound Marketing? infographic
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