Inbound Marketing Day Atlanta

Inbound Marketing Day Atlanta: Twitter Takeaways

If you didn’t already know, Inbound Marketing Day came to Atlanta March 5th. This event was one of 60 events happenning all over the world during Inbound Marketing Week. The event was a huge success, and according to Ingenium Marketing, the largest full day inbound marketing conference in the world (see the random tweets section).

Attendees got to enjoy keynote presentations from inbound influencers Mark Schaefer, Ted Wright, Ardath Albee, and Viveka Von Rosen, and David Donlan and took part in breakout groups led by top Atlanta marketing agencies.

Did you miss one of the speakers? Didn’t get to go at all? Well here is a compilation of all the best quotes from the conference as tweeted by the vigilant attendees. Tweets are organized by the person quoted.

Ted Wright

@MarsdenAssoc: “You earn your way in to the #influencer audience by having a product that is interesting, relevant, & authentic @TedWrightMedia #IMDAtlanta

@MarsdenAssoc: “71% of word of mouth marketing conversations are face-to-face – @TedWrightMedia at #IMDAtlanta #WOMM

@MarsdenAssoc: “Stories should be like a jockey: short, agile, and human – @TedWrightMedia #IMDAtlanta #IMW15

@memktgservices: “The average word of mouth marketing conversation is 32 seconds. @fizz_womm #IMDAtlanta

Ardath Albee

@business317: “A REAL customer persona is a role, not just a title.’ via @ardath421 #IMDAtlanta

@LinkedInExpert: “Digital Relevance: Matching content with context! via @Ardath421 #imdatlanta

@markwschaefer: “At #IMDAtlanta @ardath421 claims ‘Campaigns are no longer effective.’ Amen sister.”

@WakefieldPR: “Marketers can build a messaging strategy around questions that all buyers need answered – @ardath421 #IMDAtlanta”

@markwschaefer: “At #IMDAtlanta& @ardath421 says she sutdies dozens of LinkedIn profiles to develop industry personas for customers. Proxy for ideal customer?”

Mark Schaefer

@voces25: “Even if we just sleep and consume content, there’s a limit to what we can consume, @markwschaefer at #IMDAtlanta

@memktgservices: “75% of info on web is created by consumers. @markwschaefer #IMDAtlanta

@Ardath421: “@markwschaefer LinkedIn profiles are not a proxy for ideal customers. They are an additional data source to buyer interviews #IMDAtlanta

@LinkedinExpert: “Great content is not the finish line -its the starting line! via @markwschaefer #imdatlanta

@memktgservices: “Brand power isn’t coming through content, it’s coming from it, transmitted by friends. @markwschaefer #IMDAtlanta

@business317: “70% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a friend’s recommendation. @markwschaefer #IMDAtlanta 2015″

@Ingeniumbrand: “3 reasons people share content: 1) self identity 2) act of generosity & kindness 3) symbol of love and support #IMDAtlanta @markwschaefer

Viveka Von Rosen

@LinkedInExpert: “Is your content consistent with your story and your brand -are you continually educating your audience and calling for action? #imdatlanta

@F2Tech: “@LinkedInExpert – tag your contacts so that you can send them an email all at once. LinkedIn mail has a 20% higher open rate! #IMDAtlanta

@cloudspark: “use linkedin’s crm service to tag and manage contacts and use publisher to start getting out original content into new streams. #imdatlanta

@business317: “91% of marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content via @LinkedInExpert #IMDAtlanta

David Donlan

@billymitchell1: “Keep control of sale by giving your prospect homework. Tell them what they should be reading after every encounter @Ddonlan #imdatlanta

@Ingeniumbrand: “When doing research, you should be reading TWO HOURS a day. It’s actually easier than you think. @ddonlan #IMDAtlanta

@Ingeniumbrand: “If you’re going to lose a sale, lose FAST. There’s always something else around the corner. #IMDAtlanta @ddonlan

@billymitchell1: “Don’t get involved in an RFP unless you’re starting as one of the top two. @ddonlan #imdatlanta

@cloudspark: 90% of the b2b purchase process happens before sales people get involved (forrester) @ddonlan #imdatlanta

Random Tweets

@Ingeniumbrand: “We are proud to announce that #IMDAtlanta was the LARGEST full day inbound marketing conference in the WORLD! Thank you to all who attended!”

@cloudspark: “don’t make a ‘testimonials’ page for your website, integrate those testimonials where people are looking to learn/purchase #imdatlanta

I hope that these tweets gave you a glimpse into how incredible of an event Inbound Marketing Day Atlanta was for all who attended and get you excited for next year!

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