Is your brand delivering on its promise?

Every brand makes an implied promise with its customers, but the best brands do a better job of reinforcing that promise across every touch point with their customers. These brands believe that no piece of communication or detail is too small to not be designed for functionality and brand presence.

Is your brand delivering on its promise?As an example, I recently had two separate experiences purchasing office furniture for our Atlanta advertising agency. Both brands offer excellent catalogs, an informative, top-notch website and state-of-the-art ordering systems. From that point on, the experiences took very different paths.

The presence of the first brand disappeared at that point. The order arrived in generic cartons with packaging that was not thought out and instructions that were confusing and from different sources. The brand presence I’’d encountered earlier on was nowhere to be found. The experience was not unpleasant — the furniture went together without too many problems and I am happy with the purchase decision, – and yet it was like being led to a path and then pushed down it while they waved me goodbye.

The other brand continually delivered on its promise with branded cartons, packaging that was designed for efficiency and protection, custom designed and illustrated instructions with several points of contact for assistance and a component system that left me marveling at the design process behind it all. They didn’’t just deliver on the initial promise — they hit it out of the park! I left this experience feeling that I had made a great discovery, and was ready to repeat it.

Examine the touch points in your B2B marketing programs for your brand. Do they leave the customer wanting more, or feeling left behind? Are you covering the details, or just making sure the big ideas are on target? Every detail of your process and communication with customers is worth the effort to make sure it delivers on your brand’s promise. It makes an impression that leaves them wanting more.

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