Using Journalistic Skills in B2B Marketing

Having a journalism degree in a B2B inbound marketing agency has come in handy more than I originally thought. While the ways in which I use it differ from conventional journalism, I still get good mileage out of it when it comes to telling a brand’s story.

Journalism, at the foundational level, is all about telling stories. Whether the story being told revolves around a business or the proverbial man on the street, journalism and the related skills are being utilized.

When considering how to apply journalistic skills to B2B inbound marketing, keep these items in mind:

What's your story?

Understand the message: When writing a featured article as well as a piece of content that tells a brand’s story, it is first important to get a clear grasp on the messaging. Understand the message that will be conveyed to viewers to ensure the piece is displaying the proper information.


Get the facts straight: In addition to clearly grasping the message being conveyed, it’s crucial to ensure all elements making up the piece of content are accurate. Viewers receiving the article or content piece want to be sure the information involved is completely true.


Portray the information properly: In both news writing and content marketing, presentation plays a key role. Just as in news writing, B2B inbound content marketing presentation requires attention. The way in which content is conveyed is crucial in order to receive the optimal amount of engagement from viewers.


Whenever I sit down to work on a B2B inbound marketing project, I always put my journalistic skills to use. From the beginning stages of research and development to the final product of presentation, journalism always has a hand in the process.

If you graduated with a journalism degree and are now in the inbound marketing field, how do you utilize your skill set?

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