LinkedIn & B2B Marketing: Building Your Social Capital

As a B2B Marketing Agency, we understand the importance of engaging with LinkedIn. We encourage all our clients to use LinkedIn to generate leads, build brand awareness, and convert leads into clients. But one thing that we don’t talk about as often–and which is equally important–is how LinkedIn can help you build your B2B social capital.

Social capital is an intangible resource that can lead to tangible resources. It bridges social ties in order to provide opportunities for people to access information, resources, etc.

building social capital with LinkedinThrough LinkedIn, you have the ability to connect with multiple people with whom you may not have otherwise been able; this in turn grows your network, which opens up a numerous amount of avenues through which you can access resources you would never have been able to before.

The intangible concept of social capital becomes tangible as you access and receive information and numerous other resources (referral partners, employee prospects, industry information, etc.) you acquire from your connections.

Engage with LinkedIn, build your network and use it to your advantage. I am a member of several B2B groups on LinkedIn, and we are all constantly asking questions (e.g. Do you have any metrics related to social media? What have you found that works in your email newsletters?) and exchanging information. It is a valuable resource I would never have had without LinkedIn.

And if you’re looking to learn how to take advantage of all the tools and benefits LinkedIn has to offer, we have developed the LinkedIn Launchpad Training Series with Viveka von Rosen to help you and your business become more productive and successful using LinkedIn. I highly recommend checking it out so you can begin reaping the benefits of this powerful social media outlet. 

Linkedin isn’t just a social network, it has also become a content publishing platform. Want to learn how to get the most out of Linkedin publishing? Check out this post: Everything You Need To Know About Linkedin Publishing

Making Connections with Your B2B LinkedIn Company Page