Marketing Automation for the Inbound Challenged – Part 4: Vendors 2

As I look back on my first blog series, I must say: I picked quite the subject to tackle. This deep dive into marketing automation has been almost as fun as it has been informational. I still have a lot to learn, and there are definitely more vendors out there that I haven’t touched on, but I think I’ve finally gotten my head around the basics. I hope this series has been as helpful to you as it has to me. Until next time, here are five more marketing automation vendors:

Marketing Automation VendorsLoop Fuse
Loop Fuse’s secret weapon is OneView, the only on-demand sales and marketing automation solution for companies that brings sales and marketing together to form one giant team. OneView also answers the industry’s need for a system that’s easy to use; Loop Fuse can have it up and running for you in minutes, with set-up and CRM integration at no charge. Completely scalable, Loop Fuse is a great resource for companies of all sizes.

Market Bright
Market Bright enables companies to execute campaigns on their own, with automated lead scoring and closed-loop marketing analytics. Market Bright also provides full document storage and asset management. With their eMarketing Enterprise Manager, you can launch new email and web campaigns quickly by pulling data from multiple sources and tracking information through various channels. This allows for more dynamic, faster-paced marketing that can be adjusted on the fly, based on what does or doesn’t work. Lead scoring is based on keyword search, regions, and partner preferences.

Used by more than 170 of the world’s leading companies, Neolane is the only enterprise marketing automation software designed to manage, automate, and optimize programs across traditional and emerging channels (direct mail, email and mobile). It allows you to manage campaigns, resources, customer data, and analytics, all from a single platform. Neolane’s software includes: campaign management software, MRM, interaction, and message center. It can be easily integrated with all CRM and SFA systems, including Neolane is successful because it links three important functions: demand generation, lead management, and measurement.

Home of the industry-leading marketing automation suite, Prospect Insight, Pardot’s feature set, ease of use and flexibility has made it the choice for more than 275 companies. Prospect Insight is an on-demand marketing automation solution that gives you the ability to show your sales team, in real time, where they should focus their energy in order to maximize ROI. With LeadDeck, you can receive alerts in real time, and Pardot also offers Prospect Insight reports as an iPhone app.

Silverpop is comprised of two segments: Silverpop Engage and Silverpop Engage B2B. It’s the leading on-demand marketing automation solution for B2B marketers, and the first to be fully integrated with social networking. With just one click, you can post to Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace or LinkedIn. Silverpop is also the only source for fully-integrated engagement marketing solutions. You can integrate your email with landing pages and surveys, as well as lead scoring and management. Be sure to check out Silverpop’s B2B Marketing University, which teaches B2B marketers the full potential of this new technology.