Motivating B2B Buyer Behavior: Case Study

Appealing to your audience’’s self-efficacy can be a strong motivator in influencing their B2B buyer behavior. conducted a great case study that illustrated how to incorporate this concept in your own marketing promotion.

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Self-efficacy is a person’’s belief in his or her ability to achieve a desired behavior, and can be a strong motivator in one’’s ability to accomplish that behavior. Research indicates confident people are more likely to achieve their desired behavior than those who aren’’t. In fact, self-efficacy may at times be more of a predictor than the person’’s knowledge, skill set, or previous attempts.

Case Study:
Dell Computers used two lead generation forms: one had a two-step indicator telling people what to expect when signing up; the other did not.
The two-step indicator version increased leads by 8%.
Key Takeaway:
We are all inundated with marketing messages on a daily basis, and the decision whether or not to engage with one may be determined by just our belief of ability to do so.
Any way you can tell your target audience member what to expect (i.e., time, cost, etc.) may be a key in helping motivate them to buy.

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