crash course in conversion optimization

Optimizing Online Copy: A Crash Course in Conversion Optimization

Though I am not a copy writer, I was intrigued by what I learned about writing online copy during my “Conversion Optimization” training class, hosted by Bryan Eisenberg. Based on the chief tenet of conversion optimization (make your content clear and conspicuous so your audience can find it right away), below are some salient tips on writing web copy that could benefit your B2B marketing efforts:

•Try to speak in specifics rather than generalities (e.g., a “50% increase” rather than “an increase”). Note: Eisenberg says sometimes fractions can be more effective than percentages, so, as he says throughout his seminar, be sure to keep testing what works best with your target audience. •Aim for a fifth- to eighth-grade reading level, unless you have a particularly technical or intelligent target audience.

• Words can be more persuasive than images, so don’t rely just on pictures.• Try and not use the word “that.” This is something I learned when I started my PhD, and I agree it can help strengthen a message. • Use words that evoke a mental picture; try to get your audience visualizing. • Aim to have your headline, bolded areas and hyperlinks communicate your message (your audience needs to know at a glance whether or not to keep reading or leave).• Use verbs. An active voice rather than passive voice may persuade them more to act.

I also want to reiterate the importance of developing your copy in ways that appeal to the Four Personas. Be sure your website tells your audience what you can do for them (Competitive Persona), how you can do it (Methodical Persona), why you are the best solution (Spontaneous Persona) and who you are (Humanistic Persona). By using Eisenberg’s tips, I believe you have a better chance of keeping potential buyers on your website, thus optimizing your ability to convert them into sales.