email marketing certification

HubSpot Email Marketing Certification: What You Need To Know

HubSpot is back at it again with another marketing certification. This time it’s on email marketing. In this article, I’ll tell you who can benefit from getting this certification, what the classes contain and what you need to do to pass it.

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A local city neighborhood. A place for local SEO.

Finding Local Search Satisfaction in The B2B World

Local SEO. It’s not new, but it doesn’t get much air time in the b2b community. The most obvious beneficiary of local SEO is the mom and pop/brick and mortar store looking to finally glean some business off the interwebs. But, these aren’t the only businesses that need to be optimizing their websites to show up in local search results. In this post I’ll outline some ways that local SEO can benefit a b2b business, and give you some ways to optimize your b2b site for local search.

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An artsy painted looking social like icon.

Social Media News You Should Know About

Social media is always changing. This post details some of the most important social media news and updates for the b2b space. Specifically, this post will look at Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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A bunch of books b2b written with a b2b style guide.

How To Create a Writing Style Guide For Your B2B Business

Creating a trustworthy and consistent voice throughout all your marketing touch points is incredibly important. If your company is creating content on consistent basis (which it should) then at some point, you will need an editorial style guide. This post will cover why you need one, what a good style guide looks like and some places to get free style guide templates.

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All people are human. The Clarkston House Project -

Beyond Marketing: A Global Cause Right In Our Backyard

On this blog, we try not to talk about ourselves, but today we’re making an exception for a cause that we are excited to stand beside. Or, more accurately, that we’re excited to stand beside us: The Clarkston House Project has moved right next to MLT’s office buildings. This project is aimed at meeting the unique needs of this neighborhood in a practical way. Here’s what’s going on and why you should care…

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big beef burger

In B2B Social Media Marketing, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Social media is becoming less about the masses and more about personal relationships. The change can be seen in pretty much every social platform. This post covers the rise of what Mark Schaefer has dubbed “private media” and how it is changing social media.

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HubSpot's Inbound Sales Certification

HubSpot’s Inbound Sales Certification: What You Need To Know

HubSpot’s free certifications are well known in the marketing world. Their Inbound Certification and HubSpot Certification have been around for years and have been completed by thousands of marketers. HubSpot recently released a new certification, the Inbound Sales Certification. This post will help you determine why this certification matters, whether you need to take it, and what it entails.

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An action figure of bigfoot walking through the forest signifying millennials.

Breaking News: Millennials Don’t Exist!

A few weeks ago I was shown a presentation by Adam Conover entitled “Millennials Don’t Exist!” that changed the way I think about generations. His presentation offers a humorous counter argument to the widely held stereotype of the millennial. In this post, I’ll share my reactions to his presentation, discuss the place of generational stereotypes in marketing, give you some of my biggest takeaways from Adam’s talk and give you the link to the video of his presentation to form your own opinion.

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A b2b marketer getting stuck in negative SEO

Everything You Need To Know About Negative SEO

Building a steady stream of traffic to your website from search engines takes time and hard work. To be successful you have to consistently create compelling and well optimized content. But even if you achieve this, it’s no guarantee of success – negative SEO, while perhaps not common, is a threat to every website out there. This post will explain what negative SEO looks like, why you should care and what you can do to fight it.

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Figurines representing visitors to a b2b website that are being retargeted

How To Incorporate Retargeting Into Your B2B Marketing Strategy

The vast majority of people that stumble onto your website will probably stumble away never to see you or your brand again… That is, unless you use retargeting. This post will delve into what retargeting is, how it works and some ways that you can implement it to improve your overall marketing strategy.

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