All people are human. The Clarkston House Project -

Beyond Marketing: A Global Cause Right In Our Backyard

On this blog, we try not to talk about ourselves, but today we’re making an exception for a cause that we are excited to stand beside. Or, more accurately, that we’re excited to stand beside us: The Clarkston House Project has moved right next to MLT’s office buildings. This project is aimed at meeting the unique needs of this neighborhood in a practical way. Here’s what’s going on and why you should care…

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big beef burger

In B2B Social Media Marketing, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Social media is becoming less about the masses and more about personal relationships. The change can be seen in pretty much every social platform. This post covers the rise of what Mark Schaefer has dubbed “private media” and how it is changing social media.

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HubSpot's Inbound Sales Certification

HubSpot’s Inbound Sales Certification: What You Need To Know

HubSpot’s free certifications are well known in the marketing world. Their Inbound Certification and HubSpot Certification have been around for years and have been completed by thousands of marketers. HubSpot recently released a new certification, the Inbound Sales Certification. This post will help you determine why this certification matters, whether you need to take it, and what it entails.

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An action figure of bigfoot walking through the forest signifying millennials.

Breaking News: Millennials Don’t Exist!

A few weeks ago I was shown a presentation by Adam Conover entitled “Millennials Don’t Exist!” that changed the way I think about generations. His presentation offers a humorous counter argument to the widely held stereotype of the millennial. In this post, I’ll share my reactions to his presentation, discuss the place of generational stereotypes in marketing, give you some of my biggest takeaways from Adam’s talk and give you the link to the video of his presentation to form your own opinion.

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A b2b marketer getting stuck in negative SEO

Everything You Need To Know About Negative SEO

Building a steady stream of traffic to your website from search engines takes time and hard work. To be successful you have to consistently create compelling and well optimized content. But even if you achieve this, it’s no guarantee of success – negative SEO, while perhaps not common, is a threat to every website out there. This post will explain what negative SEO looks like, why you should care and what you can do to fight it.

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Figurines representing visitors to a b2b website that are being retargeted

How To Incorporate Retargeting Into Your B2B Marketing Strategy

The vast majority of people that stumble onto your website will probably stumble away never to see you or your brand again… That is, unless you use retargeting. This post will delve into what retargeting is, how it works and some ways that you can implement it to improve your overall marketing strategy.

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Red windows on a building that stand out as target accounts for b2b marketing

How To Implement B2B Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing. It’s been around for a little while now, but isn’t getting the fan fair that other kinds of marketing like inbound and content marketing are receiving. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. According to SeriusDecision’s 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Study, while 92% of companies recognize the value of ABM, only 20% of companies have had an ABM program in place for more than a year. In this post I’ll uncover why ABM is so under utilized, and how you can use it to improve your digital marketing strategy.

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B2B historical optimization

The Secret Weapon in B2B Blogging: Historical Optimization

I would like to write to you about what Pamela has so fittingly dubbed “historical optimization” and how it can be used to battle the ever impending content shock. The concept is simple: going back and optimizing past blogs to boost their visibility and lead generation.

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40 Ways To find b2b blog topic ideas

40+ Ways To Find Great Ideas For Your B2B Blog

Let’s face it, thinking up something that’s worth 5 minutes of someone’s day is harder than it sounds. It doesn’t take long to run out of ideas. To help you and me overcome this inevitable barrier to blogging greatness, I’ve compiled this list of more than 40 ways to find fresh blog ideas and get inspired.

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10 ways to optimize a b2b website for search.

11 Ways To Optimize Your B2B Website For Search

Making sure your website is optimized will help you attract more visitors and help those visitors to have a better experience on your website. This post will show you some easy wins in your battle for an optimized website.

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