Google Search Console is a compass for b2b marketers

4 Ways To Use Google Search Console For B2B Marketing

In May of 2015 Google rebranded “Google Webmaster Tools” as “Google Search Console.” Google Search Console is an integral and free tool for optimizing any website for search engines. This post will show you 4 ways that you can use Google Search Console to make your website more optimized. Do you need help setting up Google Search Console? Check out this post from Moz.

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9 cartoon b2b buyer persona headshots

Essential Buyer Persona Resources For B2B Marketers: A Complete Guide

Buyer Personas can be a complex thing to get your head around. Marketers are all over the place when it comes to understanding them. This post will point you towards some resources for understanding, creating and improving your b2b buyer personas no matter where you are in your persona journey. Enjoy.

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Four b2b marketing automation robots

4 Reasons That You Need Marketing Automation

You’re in the midst of designing a killer new website with updated branding and the cool slider thingies on the home page. At times you find yourself daydreaming about your competitors spilling their coffee as they’re overcome with fear beholding the beauty of your shiny new website widget.

In all this exciting hustle and bustle, there’s a nagging little voice that manages to dampen your spirits. The voice is telling you that you should buy marketing automation. It tells you that for just a small monthly price you will be better for it. That voice may or may not be your agency. If you’re one of MLT Creative’s clients, that voice belongs to me, Billy Mitchell or Craig Lindbergh.

What’s the big deal?

So what’s the big deal about marketing automation? Why is a pretty website and sleek branding not enough these days? Let’s give it a closer look…

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Plugins for a B2B Wordpress website.

The 9 Best Free WordPress Plugins for B2B Websites

One of the benefits of having a WordPress site is the seemingly endless supply of helpful plugins that WordPress offers. Using the right plugins can make your website much more effective. But the shear number of WordPress plugins can make it difficult and time consuming to figure out which ones your website needs. This post will show you what I think are the best free WordPress plugins for your b2b website.

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Google Analytics Reports that are most useful in B2B Marketing

8 Essential Google Analytics Reports For B2B Marketing

Have you been using Google Analytics for awhile but have a sneaking suspicion that you just aren’t using it to it’s full potential? Want to take your skills to the next level? Perfect. This blog is to help you use Google Analytics to get the insights that are most valuable for b2b marketing.

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B2B content marketers on a Google Trends graph

How To Use Google Trends To Improve Your Keywords and Content

Keyword research is no longer the king of the SEO world. Creating loads of worthless content with your b2b company’s top keywords stuffed into it will now hurt you way more than it could ever help you. But this doesn’t mean keyword research and optimization is useless, it has just changed.

In this article I’d like to explain how Google Trends can help you understand what keywords and topics you need to be focusing your content on.

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B2B Marketing ROI

Why You Need B2B Buyer Personas and How To Create Them

Buyer personas are a fundamental part of understanding your audience and your b2b buyers. Despite their importance, only 44% of b2b marketers are using buyer personas (ITSMA). They can take a lot of time and effort to get right and a lot of times companies bypass creating personas all together. This post is dedicated to convincing you that buyer personas are imperative to your business. In it I’ll present to you the benefits of creating accurate buyer personas, how to create them and how to use them.

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content calendar: on Thursday a blog post and on Friday an eBook

How to Create a Killer B2B Content Calendar

Only 32% of b2b marketers have a documented content strategy, but 53% of the most effective b2b marketers have a documented content strategy (CMI). If you want your content to be effective, it helps to have a documented strategy. A content calendar is a great way to begin creating that strategy. A content calendar will help your content stay on track to achieving your goals, and assist in keeping all team members involved in the process and aware of content that’s being created. Creating a content calendar can take time, but it’s well worth it.

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A sign cautioning of the dangers of b2b buyer personas

4 Common Pitfalls of B2B Buyer Personas

There are a number of guides out there on creating B2B buyer personas. We have one, HubSpot has one, Moz has a lengthy article by Mike King about it. Personas are touted by marketing gurus as being a must have for your content strategy. But if you’re careless, personas can lead you down a bad road or have you following behind your competitors. I’d like to alert you to these 3 Warning Signs of B2B Marketing Persona Misdirection. In your drive for developing buyer personas, follow the signs of success and avoid these hazards:

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Sales and marketing knights fighting the lead nurturing battle.

The Essential Guide To Successful B2B Lead Nurturing in 2016

You’ve created content, promoted it on social media, optimized it for search and earned some leads, but now what? How the heck can you end the age old war between sales and marketing and get them to work together to turn those cold leads into paying customers?

You guessed it:… Lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is THE way to close the gap and actually see results from your inbound marketing. Good lead nurturing will get your leads more engaged, qualified, and save you tons of time and money.

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