Word on the Street

B2B Word on the Street: Self-promotion

This Week’s B2B Word on the Street is: SELF-PROMOTION

Shameless self-promotion. Why the hell not? I’’ll just come right out and make the claim now: MLT Creative is the best B2B marketing agency in Atlanta, and getting better all the time.

It has never been my nature to be boastful. On a personal level, no one likes hanging around someone who is constantly bragging about themselves. But in business, especially this business, the rules are: there are no rules when it comes to beating our own drum. No longer does our agency rest on our reputation or referrals. No longer can we.

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brand delivering

Is your brand delivering on its promise?

Every brand makes an implied promise with its customers, but the best brands do a better job of reinforcing that promise across every touch point with their customers. These brands believe that no piece of communication or detail is too small to not be designed for functionality and brand presence.

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Axe Dark Temptation

Don’t Ever, Ever Make Ads Like These

If all you remember about Cracked is its days as a pale imitation of Mad Magazine, do yourself a favor and check out their home on the Web. One of the most consistently entertaining comedy sites out there, Cracked now specializes in “list-based humor,” which, apparently, is a thing.

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Trust Me

Trust Me, this show deserves to stick around.

Not sure how many of you have been watching (and, if the Nielsens are any indication, not nearly enough), but for about a month now the airwaves have been graced by cable’s second advertising-based show in as many years. Have you given it a chance yet? If not, you should.

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Word on the Street

B2B Word on the Street: ROMI

This Week’s B2B Word on the Street is: ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment)

Who wouldn’’t continue to invest in a stock that consistently provided a positive payback? Every sales presentation a financial advisor has ever given me that was related to an investment opportunity included a good deal of data to consider. Historical performance, projected returns over time and comparables all helped provide some “proof” along with the promises. Not every choice has been a winner, I’’m sorry to say, but at least I didn’’t go in with blinders on.

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Word on the Street

B2B Word on the Street: Now

This Week’s B2B Word on the Street is: NOW, more than ever.

Don’’t let lower budgets cause you to miss out on an important marketing opportunity.

As a B2B marketing agency, MLT Creative has a lot of experience helping our clients position their brands, tell their story and sell their products and services. Without exception, our most successful case studies are those in which we had the clearest understanding of, –and empathy for –our clients’ business, customers, and prospects.

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Visual tactics online - video on the rise

Visual Tactics: Online Video on the Rise

A recent headline from eMarketer trumpeted Marketers Eye Online Video in 2009. Although it’s no surprise that this particular visual medium is advancing and will be a more important part of our Internet-affected, instantly gratified lives on a regular basis, I’m curious about some of the associated details.

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The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs

Keep Selling Hot Dogs

Are you working to build in an up economy, or are you fulfilling your own down economy? Either way, you will succeed at your goal. This ad says it all. We create our own reality.

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BtoB Magazine

B2B Book Buzz: A Reading List for 2009

BtoB magazine, a well read periodical at our Atlanta ad agency, should be required reading for all all businesses marketing to other businesses. Its writers do a good job reporting the most current strategic marketing solutions for the B2B marketing niche. There are actionable marketing tools to learn and actuate in each issue.

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Made to Stick book cover

BtoB Book Buzz: Made to Stick

This book really sticks

What makes you listen to some people and not to others? What makes you remember some ads and forget others? What makes you read some articles and ignore others?

In Made To Stick, brothers Chip and Dan Heath explore what makes ideas sticky, memorable, unforgettable and repeated. Chip is a business school professor at Stanford, and Dan is a teacher and textbook publisher. They combine an entertaining blend of case studies and startling research to illustrate a practical, tangible strategy for communicating ideas so people will remember and act upon them.

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