WNYC rebranding comparison

Branding and Rebranding

As an advertiser and/or marketer, branding is where it all begins. And all brands start with a logo. Logo design is a skill set all in itself. There are plenty of agencies in the US that only do branding work. It is quite a fascinating art form.

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Green to Gold book cover

B2B Book Buzz: Green to Gold

As Kermit the Frog laments, “It’s not easy being green,” but Yale professors/authors Daniel C. Esty and Andrew S. Winston hand over a solid case for responding to the environmental crisis with workable green strategies and tactics. All without succumbing to negatively impacted profits.

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Peggy presents

Mad Men Memos: For Those Who Think Young

[Editor’s Note: This week kicks off a series of recaps for each Mad Men episode from Season 2. This week, we take a look back at the season premiere, “For Those Who Think Young.”]

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King with Pawns

B2B Word on the Street: Strategy

This Week’s B2B Word on the Street is: STRATEGY

I have long considered myself an accomplished marketing strategist, but several years ago I worked on a project that taught me I still had a lot to learn. As a board member of Genesis Shelter, a local non-profit organization, I had the good fortune to be “volunteered” to the strategic planning committee. One of my fellow board members was a top executive with UPS, and he was able to recruit several of their strategists to our committee. It was a pleasure to watch them in action, and we learned from each other in the process.

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Who are you? billboard

Do you know who I am?

Relevant marketing is here, and it works.

Today I was driving back from a business meeting south of Atlanta. My route back to the office happened to take me through one of the most depressed areas of metro Atlanta. Now, what do we know about urban areas of large cities? Well, we can make lots of assumptions, but one thing we know is that there isn’t a whole lot of disposable wealth in these areas. So answer me this: Why would a billboard be placed square in the middle of a low-income area with the message “Donate your boat to charity”?

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Amazon window shop

Taking Window Shopping Online

Since I have many wants, and limited means, I have always been a big window shopper. It’s like regular shopping, only you don’t have to fool around with all those bags or the excitement of actually purchasing something NEW!

The experience of window shopping never really translated well online. A lot of clicking on products and waiting for info to appear, videos to stream, etc. It isn’t as enjoyable as the real thing.

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Mad Men Memos: Meditiations in an Emergency


With Sunday came the “Mad Men” finale, tying up all (well, nearly all) of the plot threads that have been brought to a boil since the start of the season.

Here’s what happened:

After a ridiculously long “previously on” segment (which generally bodes well for the prospect of an eventful episode), we join Betty at the doctor, where we learn the reason for that spot of blood she left on the sofa last week: There’s a little Don Draper smoking Lucky Strikes in her womb.

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The New Rules of Marketing PR book cover

B2B Book Buzz: The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Do you have a favorite business book that’s streaked with highlights, scribbled with margin notes, has a broken spine, and dog-eared post-its? The New Rules of Marketing and PR, by David Meerman Scott, holds that honor on my business reference bookshelf. Subtitled How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing & Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly, this book seemed to shout at me from the shelf during one of my regular forays into Border’s business section.

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Don Draper from Mad Men

Mad Men Memos: Character Bios

Ever since it hit the airwaves last summer, AMC’s “Mad Men” has had both the ad world and audiences at large abuzz over its seductive style, arresting performances and – perhaps more than anything else – its delicately nuanced, endlessly engrossing storylines. Sure, it isn’t the first time the industry has been depicted in prime time (see “Bewitched” for a classic example or, more recently, “thirtysomething“), but it may well be the best. Simply put: If you’re not a fan yet, you should be.

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This past week at MLT

A lot of great stuff has happened this past week at MLT Creative (the greatest B2B Marketing Agency on the planet). We have been super busy on all our accounts, as well as our latest new business outreach.

Sean – Paper Aerospace Engineer
Sean worked all last week on MLT’s latest new business outreach. I can’t go into full detail — it’s mostly Top Secret at this point. But I CAN tell you it involves a popular stomach relief medicine, a film canister and a sweet rocket designed by Sean “X-acto Blade” Borja. It’s all hush-hush, but I can give you a leaked photo from the MLT R&D Department.

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