Is Pinterest a Passing Fad? #SoSlam

While Facebook and Twitter are just about equal in terms of female to male ratio, Pinterest has an overwhelming female audience (80+%).

We decided to take it to the streets (actually, the SocialSLAM VIP Party) and get a guy’s perspective on this hot Internet tool. We asked three of the nation’s top social media pros if they have any interest in Pinterest, or if they thought it was just a passing fad. And we were pretty shocked by their responses. (Side note: You might want to listen to these guys,– they kind of know what they’’re talking about when it comes to this stuff.)

pinterest logoPretty pinteresting stuff, huh? If you’’re a male still not sold on Pinterest, Manteresting may be your first step. Same layout and function as Pinterest, but with less wedding.

We’d love to hear your take on Pinterest – do you think it’s a passing fad, or here to stay?

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