Podcast Broadcasts for B2B Content Marketing

Basically a podcast is a helpful and informative video or audio file that is published on the Internet to share and thereby increase your organic search results. You can simply record an audio or video file, edit it on your computer and then upload it to your B2B blog for publishing on the internet. The files are then downloaded by your blog readers who can still engage with you online by leaving comments in the usual way.

iphones, ipads and macsBut, by using a podcasts you can also meet your audience in different locations, your subscribers may listen on the commute to work or they may listen on their iPod or other devices while exercising, or any other activity. You can cut through the digital clutter by providing flexibility; enabling and enhancing multitasking. Before uploading your podcast be sure to assign meta data for enhanced SEO.

Podcasting can provide another outlet for you to establish yourself or company as a thought leader and to establish credibility. Creating a podcast out of an already published post is an efficient way to get more value out of that content. It offers you a chance to reinforce and increase the impact of your message. Another good podcast technique is to interview industry leaders using online video conferencing or audiorecording tools and share their thoughts with your listeners. There are many different platforms to use to distribute your B2B Content. Tracking social media and technology trends is important to staying engaged with and useful to your audience. The commonality of the smartphone and the latest demand for updated, responsive websites optimized for mobile devices makes it apparent that people are going mobile. Reach them where they are working, listening, multitasking. Try adding podcasting to your content mix.

Here are several time-worthy podcasts to check out:



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