The Power of Custom Images in Your B2B Marketing

While using stock images can appear easy and cost-effective, it can come off as unauthentic and cause damage to your brand and marketing programs.

There is great power in custom created still images and video footage that reinforces your authenticity when used in a B2B campaign or website. Brands spend large budgets and many hours of effort in an attempt to position their brand as unique, only to have a website full of stock images and “shiny, happy people”. Real employees, your locations and your processes are what make your brand unique. Don’’t hide them behind overused stock images.

no stock images3 things to consider if you’’re using stock in B2B marketing:

  1. Your competitors can buy these images as easily as you – popular stock images often sell thousands of times. It’’s not that hard to find the same images used on many websites and campaigns, often within the same industry and even the same region. Your unique positioning loses punch when your competitor has the same smiling faces as you on their site.
  2. They lack the ability to reinforce your brand – stock images are created on purpose to be very generic, it’’s all about selling the image as much as possible. The context rarely supports your core values, it’’s just close enough. You’’ve built your brand to be different, but stock images could be making it anything but.
  3. They don’’t create a memorable hook – custom photography with style and context will distinguish your brand in your customer’s mind. It can show your personality, evoke an emotion, reinforce your business philosophy and make a lasting impression. Otherwise, your just telling customers that you’’re not totally behind your brand or your positioning and the images you show are just not that important.

Real employees in actual locations, telling a B2B brand’’s story is always compelling and unique.

Recently, Dodge RAM trucks ran this compelling spot pairing strong, custom still images with a simple Paul Harvey narration. Even if you don’’t agree with the message or the concept, it is hard not to watch. It stirs emotions and captivates the viewer.

If you’’re thinking that custom imagery is something your B2B marketing is lacking, check out our photography portfolio for more information. We can tell your story in a way that sets you apart.

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