Are you part of the QR code craze in B2B marketing?

QR codes are still somewhat on the fringe, but with smartphone numbers constantly on the rise, there are still some great opportunities to add them to your B2B marketing mix.

There have been several articles over the past year with ideas for utilizing QR codes in B2B. Items like business cards, tradeshows, presentation downloads, plus other opportunities such as linking to product videos in a catalog or having a map at a tradeshow or event with QR codes for each regional representative’s contact information.

QR code on a b2b marketer's headThe problem with most QR code programs is they don’t follow a few simple ideas to make the experience work:

Set up the experience for the user – in a quick overview, tell the customer what to expect when they scan the QR code. Are you giving a discount? A video with more information? A mobile-optimized landing page with an offer? Your code is more likely to be scanned if they know what the final destination will be.

Have a call-to-actionit can be pretty simple. “Scan this code!” or “Get a Coupon!” Anything that will help guide the customer to the desired action.

Give an alternative pathsome people cannot or will not scan a QR code. That’s not a problem, add a short URL they can type into their mobile browser and reach the same destination. Options are always welcome.

Deliver content quickly don’t put complicated front-end forms or questions in front of your content. Jump into the video or landing page as quickly as possible and move them to the next stage. If you send them to a video, try to make it a YouTube video so it can be easily shared by the user.

Have a well defined next stepdon’t end it with “like us on Facebook” or “Visit our Website”. Try to add a clear path to the next stage of interaction. Send them to a landing page for conversion or have then sign up for your blog or newslette

To make your QR code a successful part of your B2B marketing campaign, keep in mind the device they are using and the customer interaction. Don’t send them to your non-mobile home page. Keep it mobile, quick, simple and direct for the best results.

Will you consider QR codes for your B2B marketing mix?

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