Ready to Elevate Your B2B Blog? I’m Ready to Write Your Next Post

Pre-Webinar Guest Blog Post by Mark Schaefer

I look at a lot of blogs each week: famous blogs, newbie blogs, personal blogs, mommy blogs, techie blogs, etc. I have a minimum daily requirement of blog reading, both for fun and business, because it’s pretty much part of my job. If I’m going to teach about blogging at the university level, I need to be an authority on what’s going on out there.

But there is one aspect of blogging that mystifies many and fascinates me: How can you make your company blog capture the lightning, spirit and reader engagement of a personal blog?

Mark Schaefer will present Elevating Your B2B Blog, a webinar in the B2B Marketing Idea Series.Let’s face it — corporate blogs usually have the deck stacked against them. All the things that make personal blogs compelling — passion, entertainment, controversy, humor – make many bosses cringe.

If you must have every post approved by PR, HR, legal and the janitorial staff, or if your boss is determined to use the blog as another way to post press releases, the content is probably going to end up a little bland, right? If you’re not being given the time and resources to properly plan and execute your blog, it can be a frustrating experience for everyone.

But some companies are breaking through, and maybe you can too after hearing some of my ideas at the upcoming “Elevating Your Blog” webinar, sponsored by MLT Creative.

The MLT Creative B2B Marketing Ideas webinar series has been amazing, and if you haven’t attended one of these before, you’re in for a treat. True to form, MLT is breaking the mold once again by offering a remarkable bonus: Just by attending, and submitting a blogging question ahead of time, you have the chance to win a guest post for your personal or company blog written by me.

In this session, we’re going to look at three of the more challenging aspects of company blogs:

Conversations: How realistic is it to have reader engagement? Is there anything a company can do to increase feedback from readers?

Content: Is your brain feeling empty these days? How about learning some energizing new approaches to content?

Conversions: In any company, a marketing communication effort has to show results, and a blog should be no different. What are the RESULTS of your blog?

If you’ve ever attended one of my classes or webinars in the past, you know you’re in for a fast-paced and lively session. So register today, and don’t forget to submit your question to win a free guest post.

I can’t wait to introduce you to this new material!