Retweet, But Never Surrender: The B2B Marketing Manifesto

I’ve never met Doug Kessler in person, but I like the way he thinks and writes. As a creative director and co-founder of Velocity, a B2B marketing agency in the UK, he’s a kindred spirit and someone I proudly follow (and retweet).

manifestoI’ve known @DougKessler through social media for almost two years, and he was one of the first thought leaders I added to my “B2B Braniacs & Maniacs” tribe. A couple of months ago, he sent me a draft of an eBook that he and his partners at Velocity were working on, and asked for my thoughts.

I was very honored to be asked, because Velocity is known for having created one of the best B2B eBooks ever, “The B2B Content Marketing Workbook.” I was also very impressed. The new eBook was a wake-up call for any B2B marketing professional still sleepwalking through their career.

Whether you’re on the agency side, client side, vendor or consulting side, you will either be humbled and threatened or emboldened and encouraged by “The B2B Marketing Manifesto.” In other words, you will be moved.

Doug Kessler and Velocity set a great example for how to put content into action with this eBook, and we’re all invited to see their plan and follow along for the results.

Now do your part, and join with a growing movement of enlightened and emboldened B2B marketing revolutionaries! Retweet and never surrender. Oh, and also feel free to leave comments. And one more thing, in case you missed it. This is not the first manifesto to make the marketing world take notice. Although most B2B marketers are still missing this Cluetrain, it’s been leaving the station every day for the past 10 years.