Scientific Research: Social Media, B2B Marketing & ‘Flow Theory’

The Research: Flow Theory is often described as a state of enjoyment, concentration and involvement in which we direct our attention and energy to a certain act. It’’s a theory often used to describe our motivation to do something. It’’s unique in that it suggests motivation isn’’t always related to concrete rewards; perhaps the very behavior is intrinsically rewarding and that is why we act.

b2b marketing and flow theoryHow? In online relationships, if a relationship is inherently rewarding, the interaction will continue. So the question becomes, how can you make your own website and social media outreach be intrinsically motivating?

Perhaps you offer daily information related to your industry. Perhaps you offer a daily dose of humor that makes your audience laugh each time they come back. Think about what you’’re doing now. Test it to see if it’’s working. And obviously, research your target audience to see what intrinsically motivates them. And, again, remember to constantly be testing.

Why? If you can achieve this, your target audience will keep coming back, thus making you cognitively accessible when it’’s time to buy. Not only that, these relationships mean something to us; in other words, your target audience may not only think of you,— they may also think they know you. And this obviously can help further motivate their buying behavior.

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