Social Media Minute: For B2B Marketing Influence, use LinkedIn Groups

The 2011 HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing report declares that LinkedIn is the most effective customer acquisition social media tool for B2B businesses. LinkedIn Groups are a key component for ongoing engagement with B2B prospects. LinkedIn Groups are an excellent way to connect with other people in your industry and to develop a reputation as an expert in a particular field.

LinkedInFollow these steps to join groups on LinkedIn:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn Account
  2. Click the Groups line in the top navigation menu on your home page
  3. Click the “Group Directory” tab
  4. Enter keywords that relate to the groups you seek. You can also select a category of the type of group from the dropdown list to narrow your options.
  5. After you’ve found a group you’d like to join, click “Join this Group.” You’ll be asked to choose the settings for receiving group announcements and messages. As some groups are closed and monitored, you may need approval to join.

Once you’ve joined some LinkedIn groups, you’ll have many options to engage with your fellow members:

  1. Join group discussions or start new ones
  2. Submit relevant news article
  3. Promote a topical event
  4. View related jobs or post new ones

Resist the temptation to overtly sell your B2B product or service in your LinkedIn Group. That’s considered spam and will turn away members seeking advice and pure engagement with like-minded B2B professionals.

Overall, stay active on your LinkedIn groups. Follow the advice of Social Media Examiner for building influential connections. LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen’s Linked Into Business always has good tips for B2B marketers. Also check out the MLT Creative and Viveka von Rosen collaboration: B2B LinkedIn Launchpad Training Series.