Social Media Minute: How to monitor your B2B’s online presence

Who’s talking about you?
How to monitor your B2B company’s online presence

It is extremely important to stay abreast of web chatter by monitoring the online presence of your B2B business. Staying aware of discussions about your company or industry, and being there for timely responses, is essential. And with a simple daily routine, reviewing a few sites won’’t have to be a bother.

Social Media Minute: How to monitor your B2B's online presencePerform these three quick steps daily to know and push what’s being said about your company:

Scan Google Alerts: Check Google Alerts for your company name, products, key executives or brand terms. To set this up, enter your search terms and select to receive updates as they happen, or once daily. When activity hits the web about your company, an alert will be sent to your Gmail inbox.

Check Twitter for tweets about your company: Use tools like TweetDeck or Twitter Search to monitor conversations about your company in real time. You can also set up an RSS feed for a specific Twitter Search to go straight to your Google Reader. Repond or retweet as necessary.

Answer industry-related questions on LinkedIn: Search for questions on LinkedIn that you or members of your company can answer. Also respond to any relevant discussions in your LinkedIn groups.

For a broader view of your industry, it might be wise to monitor your key accounts, prospects and competitors as well.