Social Media News You Should Know About

Social media is always changing. This post details some of the most important social media news and updates for the b2b space. Specifically, this post will look at Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

An artsy painted looking social like icon.Facebook Adds Continuous Streaming

Facebook is adding the ability to do long-form continuous streaming. Also, publishers can now choose who is able to see their live streams.

Linkedin security Breach

Linkedin has been experiencing a security breach. Some users are experiencing 403 errors and other problems. You may want to reset your password if you haven’t in the past few years. For more information on this, check out this video.

Twitter Updates

Twitter has not been doing too hot the last couple of months. It seems that it has fallen into the shadow of Facebook and now Snapchat. But, CEO Jack Dorsey and company are doing their part to remedy this. Twitter recently announced a few key changes, aimed at making the platform more intuitive and usable. Here’s what’s coming…

More room for expression

In the past, images and other media would take up a portion of your prized 140 characters. The result was a difficult choice between media and words. This is all about to change. Soon, usernames, quoted tweets, photos, and other media attachments will no longer take up space in your 140 character limit.

While the 140 character limit is still intact, this will hopefully help us all craft more intelligible and meaningful tweets.

No more .@usernames

In the past, if your tweet started with a username, it would only be seen by the that user. In order to bypass this and allow these tweets to be seen by all your followers, you had to add a period in front of a username. Soon, this will no longer be the case. Twitter is changing to allow tweets that start with a username to be seen by all your followers, thus no more .@username.

Retweeting and quote tweeting yourself

This update will allow you to repost old tweets, and quote old tweets. This should cut down on the amount of duplicate tweets going out. Now, if you want to make sure your message gets seen multiple times of the day, you can just retweet it. This will make your Twitter feed look much better than just having the same tweet appear multiple times in a row.