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B2B Marketing: Testing in Today’s World

Social and behavioral scientists have found that the increase in available communication methods (such as smart phones) has changed how we process information. Basically, many of us today have continual partial attention due to our lessened mind share. This week’s case study was a great example of the need for testing in order to see what works best to combat this continual partial attention and more effectively motivate your target audience to buy.

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I am a firm believer in the importance of testing in B2B marketing, which is why I love I’ve already written several posts examining the site’s individual case studies, but I’’d also like to talk about the site in general.

About Which is the industry’’s number one weekly newsletter on conversion optimization, featuring 150+ case studies with real-life results data on A/B split tests of landing pages, lead generation forms, and email campaigns. It’’s published by Anne Holland Ventures, a company that produces niche B2B publications.

I was lucky enough to speak with Holland about WhichTestWon, which was extremely interesting, as she has a 25-year history in B2B marketing. Holland also had a brief stint in B2C, but did not like mass marketing because it wasn’’t as inherently targeted or precise as B2B. In fact, she said B2C could learn a lot from B2B in that regard,– a comment with which I wholeheartedly agree.

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The Sharpest B2B Social Media Monitoring Tools in the Shed – Part 3

As B2B marketers, it’s important for us to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and topics in a variety of industries. With the help of social media monitoring, we have the chance to observe our markets before we take any action; this helps to create the most efficient social media campaigns that will appeal to them. For my last post of this series, I have highlighted four more social media monitoring tools:

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Are We Following the “New Best Practices” for B2B?

Before unveiling a new campaign to a client, our account team runs it through a “Gravity Check.” This is our internal review where we confirm that the campaign is on strategy and on message – and we evaluate the purpose and synergy of each component, and the metrics we’ll use to gauge success.

We were pretty enthusiastic about a recent campaign that leveraged a wealth of quality content – white papers, podcasts, case studies – and used both inbound and outbound channels to get in front of the right prospects.

Within our discussion, an art director asked if we all agreed that the campaign followed “best practices.” This question reminded me how much today’s marketing best practices differ from those of just a few years ago.

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