5 tips on b2b marketing content

Five Tips For Better B2B Marketing Content

There are more ways than ever to match your marketing messages to the needs of your customers with more personalized, relevant and actionable information. The more you can customize your content to relate to your best buyers, the more buyers you will attract, and the more conversions you will drive.

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Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts and Email Marketing Pros and Cons

Blogs, Vlogs, Newsletters and Podcasts: B2B Marketing Pros and Cons

Are you strapped for time? Don’t have the resources to crank out content on a blog, podcast and a complex workflow of lead nurturing emails? Great! This article is for you.

There are a lot of methods of packaging great b2b marketing content: newsletters, blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, Periscope, Twitter and a million more. Blogs, vlogs, podcasts and newsletters are in a category of their own because of their ability to serve as a foundation for a content strategy. There are many businesses right now that use one of these four methods as their primary method for publishing their content.

In this article I will explore the roles of these different kinds of content, their different strengths and weaknesses and hopefully help you to know what’s best for your business.

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Joe Pulizzi's Content Inc. book cover

Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc.: Building A Business With Content Marketing

The term “content marketing” has graduated from a trendy term to a tried and true method of growing a business. With the rise of content marketing has come the ability to look at what works and what doesn’t and develop a comprehensive strategy to help companies use content marketing more effectively than ever before.

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Linkedin publishing

Everything You Need To Know About Linkedin Publishing

On July 9th, Linkedin posted on their blog that there are now 1 million users publishing on Linkedin. That’s a lot of people.

These people have good reason to post to Linkedin, In a study by Econsultancy, Linkedin is responsible for 64% of referrals to corporate home pages. Facebook is 17% and Twitter 14%.

But to get results from Linkedin, you have to know how to publish the right way.

I would like to give you what you need to know to publish content to Linkedin in the most effective way possible.

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A compelling thrift store + an optimized boutique

Make Your B2B Marketing Content Compelling and Optimized

Clothing stores, like b2b marketing content, fall somewhere between two extremes: compelling and optimized.

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B2B Content Marketing twinkie effect

The B2B Content Marketing Fail, aka “the Twinkie Effect”

Creating fresh, valuable content for your company’s website not only improves your search rankings and gives your brand a voice, it also shows your customers, your prospects and your industry that you have something to say. And, more importantly, it shows you’re listening.

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A graph of b2b marketing data

9 Free B2B Marketing Reports You Need To Read Right Now

If I had a nickel for every time I read the phrase “big data” on the interwebs, I would be able to pay off all my college debt right now, and maybe even buy a candy bar. And for good reason: big data has transformed the marketing industry. According to a recent study by Duke University, brands will double their marketing data budgets over the next three years.

You know I love metaphors, so here’s a few to get your gears grinding.

As a marketer, data is (or should be):

  • the fuel to your engine
  • the ping to your pong
  • The Maltese Falcon to your Han Solo
  • the auto-tune to your T-Pain

Aka: a really important thing for your marketing.

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A trophy for the best b2b marketing blogs

The 18 Best B2B Content Marketing Posts Ever Written

It worked! You were drawn in by my audacious headline! And yes I am seriously going to try and do this.

I would like to present to you a list of the blog posts that I feel have the most to say about content marketing. There are tons of posts out there on content marketing. Most of them are saying the same thing. Without someone to show you the way, you will have to wade through a sea of half helpful, second hand information before you can truly get a grasp on content marketing and how to do it well.

This is not necessarily a list of the most popular posts on content marketing. It is a list of the articles that I think will give you the broadest, deepest, and most up to date understanding of how your company can get the most out of content marketing.

Some of these posts are huge posts from huge people. Some of them aren’t. Some of these posts are extremely new, some are old. All of these posts offer some incredible insight into content marketing.

They are not organized in order of “best” to “worst”, instead I have organized them into the order of questions you need answered to do content marketing well. In other words the list starts with articles that will help you learn the foundations of content marketing, then the ins and outs, and then some big picture concepts.

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B2B buyer flying into the b2b marketing planet

Big-A List of B2B Marketing Buzzwords

B2B marketing is rife with buzzwords that are easily misunderstood and misapplied.

A metaphor: If the b2b marketing industry is a planet, then a b2b marketer can either be a field or a volcano. Sadly the planet is covered in huge, spewing volcanoes that boil up out of the deepest recesses of the planet and then spray their molten hot buzzword jargon lava all over the place. Needless to say, life on this planet is not for the faint of heart. If an alien, unfamiliar with the b2b landscape dares to venture too close to a volcano, they are in danger of being scalded by the lava and retreating to find a safer place to land.

The moral of the story: Don’t be a volcano; be a safe field for aliens to land in.

For the greater good of the b2b planet, I have decided to provide some clarity for any who need it. I have made a list of b2b marketing and sales terms for beginners to learn and (hopefully) veterans to reference. Here we go…

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What I Learned In One Year Of Social Media Marketing

What I Learned In A Year of B2B Social Media Marketing

In this post I will be sharing the things I learned from my first year of social media marketing.

I was a junior in college majoring in Communications and Religion. If I wanted a job when I graduated I needed to get an internship and get one fast. After making frantic calls to friends and family I was lucky enough to land an internship with Atlanta b2b marketing company MLT Creative.

On May 12th, 2014 I started my internship as the company’s social media manager. I didn’t know diddly squat about using social media for business. I felt like I was in a canoe in the middle of a choppy ocean trying to figure out where shore was. Luckily under the patient guidance of the MLT staff, and some of Hubspot’s certification courses I learned the basics quickly and managed not to embarrass the company too bad. I steadily stumbled along trying not to fail, and unsure of what failure and success looked like. Gradually I went from a mere social media marketing ignoramus to a… less of a social media marketing ignoramus. The world of b2b social media marketing is ambiguous and full of foggy ROI.

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