State of Inbound 2017 eBook

The Ups, Downs, Ins, and Outs of Inbound Marketing in 2017

Among 6,000 marketing professionals, do you know the number one priority for 2017? What’s the lowest priority? And how have things changed among your peers?

If you are interested in how other marketing and sales professionals are dealing with the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities of Inbound Marketing, let me introduce you to everything you could possibly want to know in the form of the freshly-minted 2017 State of Inbound Marketing Report.
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Inbound 2016 Club Inbound

Inbound 2016: Everything You Need To Know

The Inbound conference. It’s an annual marketing(ish) conference that HubSpot puts on every year that attracts thousands of people every year. Going to a conference like this is no small endeavor, and needs to be seriously considered and prepared for. This post will give you everything you need to decide if this conference is for you, and to prepare to get the most out of it.

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email marketing certification

HubSpot Email Marketing Certification: What You Need To Know

HubSpot is back at it again with another marketing certification. This time it’s on email marketing. In this article, I’ll tell you who can benefit from getting this certification, what the classes contain and what you need to do to pass it.

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HubSpot's Inbound Sales Certification

HubSpot’s Inbound Sales Certification: What You Need To Know

HubSpot’s free certifications are well known in the marketing world. Their Inbound Certification and HubSpot Certification have been around for years and have been completed by thousands of marketers. HubSpot recently released a new certification, the Inbound Sales Certification. This post will help you determine why this certification matters, whether you need to take it, and what it entails.

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Four b2b marketing automation robots

4 Reasons That You Need Marketing Automation

You’re in the midst of designing a killer new website with updated branding and the cool slider thingies on the home page. At times you find yourself daydreaming about your competitors spilling their coffee as they’re overcome with fear beholding the beauty of your shiny new website widget.

In all this exciting hustle and bustle, there’s a nagging little voice that manages to dampen your spirits. The voice is telling you that you should buy marketing automation. It tells you that for just a small monthly price you will be better for it. That voice may or may not be your agency. If you’re one of MLT Creative’s clients, that voice belongs to me, Billy Mitchell or Craig Lindbergh.

What’s the big deal?

So what’s the big deal about marketing automation? Why is a pretty website and sleek branding not enough these days? Let’s give it a closer look…

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content calendar: on Thursday a blog post and on Friday an eBook

How to Create a Killer B2B Content Calendar

Only 32% of b2b marketers have a documented content strategy, but 53% of the most effective b2b marketers have a documented content strategy (CMI). If you want your content to be effective, it helps to have a documented strategy. A content calendar is a great way to begin creating that strategy. A content calendar will help your content stay on track to achieving your goals, and assist in keeping all team members involved in the process and aware of content that’s being created. Creating a content calendar can take time, but it’s well worth it.

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A shark attacking a b2b marketer.

Can You Survive Without Inbound Marketing?

Even though Inbound is extremely successful in the b2b space, there are still naysayers out there that aren’t fully buying into it. Remaining on the fence, or just failing to have a comprehensive strategy is becoming increasingly expensive. The question isn’t so much whether inbound is right for you, but if you can afford to keep ignoring it. If you’re still an inbound naysayer, or on the fence, this blog is for you.

The following stats are from HubSpot’s State of Inbound Report.

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Dangers of Inbound Marketing

The Seven Deadly Dangers of B2B Inbound Marketing

This post has been updated to include links to the 2017 State of Inbound Marketing Report. The Seven Dangers are all still Deadly so they remain the same.

If you have a paralyzing fear of failure, you may not want to read any further.

If you seek the B2B marketing treasure of more visits, more leads, more sales and customers that love you then let’s keep going…

Begin with a search of the term “Inbound Marketing Methodology” and your results will reveal what looks like a simple map. This bright and colorful chart indicates riches are there for any B2B marketing team that simply follows four easy steps to the land of unlimited leads and delighted customers.

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The B2B Inbound Solar System

The B2B Inbound Solar System: Dimensions of a Solid Inbound Strategy

B2B inbound marketing is complex and multifaceted. Each inbound discipline works best as one piece in an overall strategy. It’s not enough to have great content, or a stunningly designed website. In order to get the most out of inbound, you have to understand how all these different things work together. In that sense, it’s better to have every piece of your inbound strategy functioning, than to have a few of the pieces working perfectly.

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Club Inbound 2015

7 Takeaways From HubSpot’s Inbound 2015 Conference

14,000 marketers, over 250 speakers, 4 days, Inbound 2015 was crazy. You can get a little taste of what I mean from the above picture. HubSpot, like their annual conference has grown exponentially every years. In 2013 there was a mere 5,000 marketers. This was my first time to Inbound, so it was all new to me.

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