A B2B Marketer wondering through a CRM jungle

How To Keep Your CRM From Growing Into A Mysterious Jungle Wilderness

If your organization has been around for more than a year and you haven’t started to clean out your contact database you’re way behind.

If you don’t go through your CRM to organize and clean, it will soon turn into a wild jungle full of mysterious mystical information that is no use to you or your company.

People’s relationship with your company is always shifting. Here are some common reasons that CRM hygiene is important:

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The best Inbound 2015 speakers

The Inbound 2015 Speakers I’m Most Excited About

Inbound 2015 is right around the corner. I’m planning to be in Boston for this global inbound marketing conference and it will be my first time attending. This is a pretty exciting timewhether you’re an INBOUND newbie like me, or you’ve been attending faithfully for years.With over 250 speakers, preparing can be overwhelming. For the past few days I’ve been going through the agonizing task of choosing which sessions to go to, and which ones I’ll have to let go of (It’s so hard!). The task is only made worse by HubSpot’s frustrating habit of shifting the speaking schedule around every day.

With all this in mind, I would like to put my painstaking planning ponderings to use and share with you…

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Linkedin publishing

Everything You Need To Know About Linkedin Publishing

On July 9th, Linkedin posted on their blog that there are now 1 million users publishing on Linkedin. That’s a lot of people.

These people have good reason to post to Linkedin, In a study by Econsultancy, Linkedin is responsible for 64% of referrals to corporate home pages. Facebook is 17% and Twitter 14%.

But to get results from Linkedin, you have to know how to publish the right way.

I would like to give you what you need to know to publish content to Linkedin in the most effective way possible.

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B2B marketing brawl - who would win in a fight?

B2B Marketing Brawl – Who Would Win In a Fight?

Growing up as a kid, one of my favorite things to do was to think of the two biggest, baddest animals and ask my dad which one would win in a fight. It’s been a long time since I’ve entertained thoughts such as these, and I thought, instead of giving you a boring list of the twelve most influential marketers today (in my humble opinion), I would spice things up and indulge in some shameless tom foolery. Enjoy.

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A graph of b2b marketing data

9 Free B2B Marketing Reports You Need To Read Right Now

If I had a nickel for every time I read the phrase “big data” on the interwebs, I would be able to pay off all my college debt right now, and maybe even buy a candy bar. And for good reason: big data has transformed the marketing industry. According to a recent study by Duke University, brands will double their marketing data budgets over the next three years.

You know I love metaphors, so here’s a few to get your gears grinding.

As a marketer, data is (or should be):

  • the fuel to your engine
  • the ping to your pong
  • The Maltese Falcon to your Han Solo
  • the auto-tune to your T-Pain

Aka: a really important thing for your marketing.

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Luke O'Kelley and HubSpot Sprocket

9 Ways HubSpot Certification Makes You a Better B2B Inbound Marketer

HubSpot’s courses are great resources for increasing your knowledge of inbound marketing concepts and how to use their software effectively. There are currently five total online courses offered by HubSpot. Some are open to the public and some are not. I recently went through the Inbound Certification course and the HubSpot Certification course.

The HubSpot certification course is reserved for HubSpot customers and contains 13 different lessons each with about 30 minutes of video material. This course covers how to implement inbound marketing using HubSpot’s software. To gain the HubSpot certification you have to pass the exam and implement 7 out of 11 of HubSpots best practices.

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confusion about inbound methodology, sales funnel and buyers journey

Sales Funnel, Buyers’ Journey and Inbound Methodology – The Difference

This blog is for those of us that can’t tell the difference between “Sales Funnel” “Buyer’s Journey” and “Inbound Methodology.” If for no one else, it’s for myself. For a while I had no idea what the difference was between these three words. Considering a lot of the blogs I’ve read over the past couple of months, there are other people in the same boat.

Let’s check it out…

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B2B marketing robot

Will Heartless Robots Overtake the Humanity of B2B Marketing?

Unless you were hiding in a cave the past five years you’re most likely aware that marketing technology is evolving more rapidly than ever. Understanding all there is to know about these changes in both marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software is impossible. You’re human after all.


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Growth hacking, inbound marketing and traditional marketing

B2B Marketing Buzzwords: Growth Hacking Vs. Inbound Marketing

If you’ve been in the b2b marketing world for very long at all, you know that it’s full of buzzwords.

What you may not know is what the heck growth hacking is.

This post will compare two buzzwords: Inbound Marketing and Growth Hacking. If you would like to access a comprehensive list, check out my growing list of b2b marketing and sales buzzwords.

So let’s dive in…

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B2B buyer flying into the b2b marketing planet

Big-A List of B2B Marketing Buzzwords

B2B marketing is rife with buzzwords that are easily misunderstood and misapplied.

A metaphor: If the b2b marketing industry is a planet, then a b2b marketer can either be a field or a volcano. Sadly the planet is covered in huge, spewing volcanoes that boil up out of the deepest recesses of the planet and then spray their molten hot buzzword jargon lava all over the place. Needless to say, life on this planet is not for the faint of heart. If an alien, unfamiliar with the b2b landscape dares to venture too close to a volcano, they are in danger of being scalded by the lava and retreating to find a safer place to land.

The moral of the story: Don’t be a volcano; be a safe field for aliens to land in.

For the greater good of the b2b planet, I have decided to provide some clarity for any who need it. I have made a list of b2b marketing and sales terms for beginners to learn and (hopefully) veterans to reference. Here we go…

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