B2B Inbound State of Mind

The B2B Inbound State of Mind: Build Relationships

Key components of B2B inbound marketing are promoting your message and building relationships through social media.  In our “Twitter for B2B Marketing Results” webinar, Trey Pennington defines marketing as, “the ongoing process of engagement whereby strangers are nurtured into advocates. Social media engagement is an excellent forum for engaging other like-minded professionals.  Using blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, a B2B marketer can boost the company brand’s exposure to not only prospects, but to advocates. These advocates, actual customers or not, can help share positive messages about your product or service and these actions help drive visitors to your website–inbound marketing in action.  Consistent effort throughout the day, everyday can enhance relationship building.

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HUG ATL icon on orange background

HUG ATL spreads the HubSpot love in Atlanta

HUG: what a fitting, warm and fuzzy nickname for the HubSpot User Group. Members of the inbound marketing team at MLT Creative attended the HubSpot User Group (HUG2010) in Boston last fall. This first-ever national conference attracted more than 300 enthusiastic HubSpot users to various workshops, Q&A sessions and seminars. The passionate HubSpot presenters shared advanced tips and secrets with the rapt audience.

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Eat Bacon Because Broccoli Is For Sissies

Business-to-Bacon: Why I should be #BaconfestATL Queen

As an account executive at the B2B marketing agency MLT Creative, I know good strategies when I see them. One in particular that currently stands out to me is the race for queen and king of Baconfest here in Atlanta. I also appreciate the power of social media, and that – along with my love for all things bacon – leads me to apply what we do for our clients day-in and day-out to achieve victory in this contest. With that, I’ve been granted approval by the powers-that-be here at MLT to conduct this experiment, so here we go!

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Inbound Marketing Bounce Pass

Inbound Marketing Bounce Pass: B2B Inbound Links

As a staunch basketball fan, I love early springtime, when the NCAA Tournament takes off and the NBA season heats up. When I hear the color announcers admire a quick inbound pass, I’’m reminded of how website inbound links can be just as commendable. Skillfully placed inbound links can influence a B2B website’s ranking in the same manner that inbound bounce passes can be game changers in basketball.

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Yield to Inbound Traffic sign

B2B Marketers: Yield to Inbound Traffic

Just like sitting at a stop sign at the mall, watching all the inbound traffic flow in, B2B marketers can yield to traffic using inbound marketing tactics. Try some of these methods to drive repeat traffic to your B2B website:

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B2B Inbound State of Mind

The State of the ‘Inbound State of Mind’

The dawn of a new year often brings a review of the one gone by. We have addresses to assess the state of the union, the state of the state, the state of the city and so on. The B2B marketing industry is no different. Organizations evaluate and reflect upon the results of last year’s plans, while strategizing and forecasting for next year. In 2010, the staff of MLT Creative completely immersed ourselves in inbound marketing, embodying what we came to call “the inbound state of mind.” We even created a video that creatively and lyrically symbolizes our journey:

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crystal ball

What’s the Next Big Idea in B2B?

It’’s a question you may often think about,– I sure do.

As I was pondering this topic the other day, it occurred to me to Google “b2b predictions” to see what others may have said on the subject. There were many articles from this time last year full of insightful predictions for 2010, and a few recent ones for 2011. I recognized a few of the authors as people I’’ve met and become familiar with via Twitter.

Then I had another idea. Why not pose this question on Twitter to the B2B marketing experts I trust?

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This is the kind of spontaneous publicity - your name in print - that makes people. bubble

In B2B Inbound Marketing, Don’t Be a Jerk

I remember cracking up at the naiveté of Steve Martin’s character, Navin R. Johnson, in the classic comedy movie “The Jerk” as he declared, ““I’’m somebody now!” Millions of people look at this book every day!”

Recently, I was reminded of that scene as I watched a friend (just as naïve as Navin, but with the Internet) find himself on Google for the first time. With wide-eyed excitement, he simply whispered, “”I’’m on the Internet.”

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Patrick Maness thinking

If You’re In B2B Marketing, Get Your Head Around Social Media ROI

If you’re like me, you’re a bald, 30 something, B2B marketer. If you only fit into one of those categories, and you’re reading this post, chances are you may have come across MarketingSherpa’s 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. This report covers just about everything under the sun in terms of what marketers are doing, how they’re doing it and how it’s working for them.

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SEO FYI: Google Instant Preview-B2B SEO & Design are Friends Again

Google has just launched Instant Previews which provides visual snapshots of search results. It even highlights the most relevant sections, making finding the right page as quick and easy as flipping through a tabbed magazine. All you have to do is click once on the magnifying glass next to the title of any search result and a visual overview of the page will appear on the right. From there, hover your cursor over any other result to see a preview.

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