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10 Tactics for Phenomenal B2B Webinar Registrations

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HUG2010 – Inbound Marketing Practitioners Unite

If the energy of the first HubSpot User Group (HUG) Conference is an indication of future economic gains and customer confidence, we can foresee double-digit growth for the software company over the next year. Currently second in growth to, HubSpot may surpass the behemoth, especially if the spirited HubSpot staff and partners have anything to do with it. Held on the University of Massachusetts, Boston campus, the warmth and affection inside belied the blistery chill of the bay winds outside.  As 500+ attendees from seven countries displayed appreciation (hugs) for Hubspotters who helped their websites grow from virtually unseen to triple-digit visitor increases, the gratitude was hard to miss. The enthusiastic presenters shared advanced tips and secrets to rapt laptop-toting audiences. Eager to absorb and enact more inbound marketing discipline and tactics, these early adopters may see growth predictions similar to their inbound marketing champion.

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Retweet, But Never Surrender: The B2B Marketing Manifesto

I’ve never met Doug Kessler in person, but I like the way he thinks and writes. As a creative director and co-founder of Velocity, a B2B marketing agency in the UK, he’s a kindred spirit and someone I proudly follow (and retweet).

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Inbound Marketing Bounce Pass

Inbound Marketing Bounce Pass: 5 Tips to Creating Inbound Links

With inbound marketing, instead of having a single basketball player toss in the ball, it’s like the whole arena is making inbound passes to your website. You’ve drawn the whole crowd into your game. Perhaps that’s one crazy basketball game, but with your website, it’s one score after another; visits become leads, and leads become sales. By maintaining content that is remarkable, relevant, and consistently updated, you can increase your site’s inbound links, and everyone wins!

An inbound link, a key factor in off-page SEO, is a link on another web page that points to your page. Search engines place emphasis on the authority of a web page to determine search rankings. Authority is calculated by the number of inbound links to your web page, coupled with the authority of those pages linking to you. The following methods will help create exposure and interest in your site, and compel others to add your link to their sites.

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Making Sense of B2B Marketing Messaging

Making Sense in B2B Marketing Messaging

I’ve already spoken about the importance of the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) in B2B Marketing. Since people often make decisions based upon both personal and social attitudes, we will be most effective at encouraging a prospect to adopt our desired buying behavior if we can appeal to both. To do this, we simply must talk to people in the industry, and with this week’s blog I’d like to expand on that idea by talking about what methodology we can utilize once we have these people on the phone (or ideally, in a face-to-face).

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Theory, Sex & B2B Marketing

Theory, Sex & B2B Marketing

As both a B2B Marketer and Behavioral Scientist, I am constantly examining individuals’ buying behavior in order to determine what motivates them to make purchasing decisions. And as I was browsing the library of successful marketing case studies on today, of course the following title caught my eye (though for a very different reason!): SEO and Sex: A Recipe for Success. A case study about a dentist who wanted to stand out among the competition, it told of how Dr. Helaine Smith broke through the clutter with a combination of inbound marketing and finding her niche; other than just a successful case study, I noted it was also a great example of why incorporating theory into strategy is a necessary endeavor.

Though the case study was directly related to B2C, there were some definite nuggets that could be carried over to the B2B industry. As a B2B inbound marketer in Atlanta, I understand the importance of developing important content, distributing it through multiple channels, and always remembering to include keywords throughout; however, this case study had an interesting addition in that it reminded me of the importance of “finding your carrot”. In order to break through the clutter we must find something that will make us not only stand out – but also draw people in. For Dr. Smith, this carrot was sex.

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What’s the hardest part of B2B inbound marketing?

This question was recently posed to a LinkedIn Group of which I’m a member, and it got me thinking, because it’s a question you could approach from a few different angles. For instance, one challenging thing can be setting up and measuring an effective lead nurturing campaign. So, instead of thinking tactically, I took a step back and thought about what’s been most challenging for me.

With that in mind, I’m an agency guy, so from an agency perspective in the B2B space, the number-one hardest thing seems to be getting buy-in from our clients. It’s not because there’s a question of whether or not inbound marketing works (Luckily, we have results to share that make that a low hurdle), but because inbound encompasses social media, which in a lot of cases is still met with raised eyebrows.

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Online Marketing Summit Tour

The B2B Marketing Top 40 Takeaways from the Online Marketing Summit

The OMS 2010 23-City Tour stopped in Atlanta last week at the beautiful Hotel Palomar. The tour had already visited cities across the U.S. and Canada, and includes 400 expert speakers, exclusive OMI training workshops and countless peer networking opportunities.

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Viveka von Rosen

The LinkedIn Company Profile: Is your B2B in the top 1%?

Guest Post by Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert

By now you might have heard that to get found on LinkedIn, you have to have a well optimized Personal Profile, which will, of course, also get you found on Google. But what about your company? Many business owners don’t even have a Company Profile on LinkedIn. And even if they do, their Company is not being found by their B2B clients. Why? For the simple reason that their company is not correctly named, nor is the description content optimized properly.

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Are We Following the “New Best Practices” for B2B?

Before unveiling a new campaign to a client, our account team runs it through a “Gravity Check.” This is our internal review where we confirm that the campaign is on strategy and on message – and we evaluate the purpose and synergy of each component, and the metrics we’ll use to gauge success.

We were pretty enthusiastic about a recent campaign that leveraged a wealth of quality content – white papers, podcasts, case studies – and used both inbound and outbound channels to get in front of the right prospects.

Within our discussion, an art director asked if we all agreed that the campaign followed “best practices.” This question reminded me how much today’s marketing best practices differ from those of just a few years ago.

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