Occonee Cop Car Joke

Social Media Minute: The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office

In this post I am going to look at how social media helps a sheriff’s office do their job more safely and efficiently.

Social media has been a b2b marketing bandwagon for a couple of years now. More b2b companies are active on social media than ever before. But with the rise in social media has come some realizations: social media isn’t a worthwhile investment for every business, in fact it’s hard to even measure how effective social media is. According to the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, only 37% of marketers agreed that they were able to measure their social media activities. With this in mind, social media can be a great tool to help certain businesses and organizations do their jobs better. See this blog on maximizing social media ROI.

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standing out in b2b marketing

Motivating B2B Buyer Behavior: Case Study

Appealing to your audience’’s self-efficacy can be a strong motivator in influencing their B2B buyer behavior. conducted a great case study that illustrated how to incorporate this concept in your own marketing promotion.

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my fortunate failure

B2B Social Media Marketing Case Study: My Fortunate Failure

I want to tell you about a recent project of mine, but first I need to give you some background on what led up to it. Earlier this summer, our B2B marketing agency had the honor of hosting Michael Gass,– one of the world’’s leading experts on new business, – as a speaker for an event at our east Atlanta campus. Michael is not only a genius at helping agencies grow their businesses, he’’s also a shining example of a B2B marketer himself.

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testimonials umbrella

B2B Testimonials: Single Case Study Or Summary of Stats?

When developing B2B marketing campaigns, one of the first questions we always ask our clients is if they have any testimonials regarding their product or service. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose between focusing on one case study or a statistical summary of consistent results. Unfortunately, scientific findings  on this subject have been mixed, so conclusive answers are not available. However, these results can still offer us some direction, and are thus worthy of commentary.

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What customers say about you?

What Are Your B2B Customers Saying About YOU?

I read a case study about social media on MarketingProfs that I simply had to comment on with this week’s blog. Though it’’s a B2C case study, it clearly illustrates the importance of social media and, thus, is applicable to B2B marketing as well. It’’s about how the American Automobile Association (AAA) noticed its customers were migrating to social media, so it began monitoring and engaging with various social media sites. Now, this is nothing new, and something we are (hopefully) all doing in B2B marketing; however, it was what they found that is important and worthy of commentary.

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Theory, Sex & B2B Marketing

Theory, Sex & B2B Marketing

As both a B2B Marketer and Behavioral Scientist, I am constantly examining individuals’ buying behavior in order to determine what motivates them to make purchasing decisions. And as I was browsing the library of successful marketing case studies on today, of course the following title caught my eye (though for a very different reason!): SEO and Sex: A Recipe for Success. A case study about a dentist who wanted to stand out among the competition, it told of how Dr. Helaine Smith broke through the clutter with a combination of inbound marketing and finding her niche; other than just a successful case study, I noted it was also a great example of why incorporating theory into strategy is a necessary endeavor.

Though the case study was directly related to B2C, there were some definite nuggets that could be carried over to the B2B industry. As a B2B inbound marketer in Atlanta, I understand the importance of developing important content, distributing it through multiple channels, and always remembering to include keywords throughout; however, this case study had an interesting addition in that it reminded me of the importance of “finding your carrot”. In order to break through the clutter we must find something that will make us not only stand out – but also draw people in. For Dr. Smith, this carrot was sex.

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smiling pizza

3 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Cheese and Pepperoni

As an account executive at a B2B marketing agency, I’’m always taking notice (and critiquing) advertisements and messages that companies send out to their audiences. Suffice it to say, the volume of messages I encounter each day can keep me pretty busy sometimes. As a result, it can be tough for a company to break through the clutter and grab my attention,– especially in my free time. So when one actually does (and does it well!), I take notice.

Example: Domino’s Pizza. 
In their bold new campaign, called “The Pizza Turnaround,” the first thing Domino’’s did right was going out and asking their customers what they actually thought of the product, and how it could be improved. (Now, they may have done this due to declining sales, I don’’t know; but obviously I would normally recommend doing this along the way, rather than using it as a crisis management tool.)

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Michelin Man

Character Study: The Michelin Man

Poor Michelin Man. No matter how much he exercises, he’ll never get rid of that spare tire. He’s also getting up there in years. Created by French artist O’Galop way, way back in 1894, he’s actually one of the first known advertising characters in the world, and ranks among the likes of the Quaker Oats Pilgrim and Aunt Jemima as one of the oldest still in use.

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Axe Dark Temptation

Don’t Ever, Ever Make Ads Like These

If all you remember about Cracked is its days as a pale imitation of Mad Magazine, do yourself a favor and check out their home on the Web. One of the most consistently entertaining comedy sites out there, Cracked now specializes in “list-based humor,” which, apparently, is a thing.

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The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs

Keep Selling Hot Dogs

Are you working to build in an up economy, or are you fulfilling your own down economy? Either way, you will succeed at your goal. This ad says it all. We create our own reality.

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