A local city neighborhood. A place for local SEO.

Finding Local Search Satisfaction in The B2B World

Local SEO. It’s not new, but it doesn’t get much air time in the b2b community. The most obvious beneficiary of local SEO is the mom and pop/brick and mortar store looking to finally glean some business off the interwebs. But, these aren’t the only businesses that need to be optimizing their websites to show up in local search results. In this post I’ll outline some ways that local SEO can benefit a b2b business, and give you some ways to optimize your b2b site for local search.

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A b2b marketer getting stuck in negative SEO

Everything You Need To Know About Negative SEO

Building a steady stream of traffic to your website from search engines takes time and hard work. To be successful you have to consistently create compelling and well optimized content. But even if you achieve this, it’s no guarantee of success – negative SEO, while perhaps not common, is a threat to every website out there. This post will explain what negative SEO looks like, why you should care and what you can do to fight it.

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B2B historical optimization

The Secret Weapon in B2B Blogging: Historical Optimization

I would like to write to you about what Pamela has so fittingly dubbed “historical optimization” and how it can be used to battle the ever impending content shock. The concept is simple: going back and optimizing past blogs to boost their visibility and lead generation.

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10 ways to optimize a b2b website for search.

11 Ways To Optimize Your B2B Website For Search

Making sure your website is optimized will help you attract more visitors and help those visitors to have a better experience on your website. This post will show you some easy wins in your battle for an optimized website.

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Google Search Console is a compass for b2b marketers

4 Ways To Use Google Search Console For B2B Marketing

In May of 2015 Google rebranded “Google Webmaster Tools” as “Google Search Console.” Google Search Console is an integral and free tool for optimizing any website for search engines. This post will show you 4 ways that you can use Google Search Console to make your website more optimized. Do you need help setting up Google Search Console? Check out this post from Moz.

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B2B content marketers on a Google Trends graph

How To Use Google Trends To Improve Your Keywords and Content

Keyword research is no longer the king of the SEO world. Creating loads of worthless content with your b2b company’s top keywords stuffed into it will now hurt you way more than it could ever help you. But this doesn’t mean keyword research and optimization is useless, it has just changed.

In this article I’d like to explain how Google Trends can help you understand what keywords and topics you need to be focusing your content on.

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google tag manager graffiti

Why You Need Google Tag Manager For Your B2B Marketing

B2B marketers today are running a lot of different programs in order to get insights on their website: Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and probably many more. In order for these programs to run, your IT person/people had to put code (that icky thing that us marketers know so little about), on each page of your website. The code that is placed on a website for a program to run is called a “tag.”

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SEO magnet

Your Guide To Today’s B2B SEO Tools

Everyday search engines are getting more advanced and SEO more complex. You need more than the right tools to be good at SEO, but without the right tools success is impossible. With this in mind, I’ve endeavored to give you a description of the most used and most useful SEO tools so that you can figure out what tools you need in your shed.

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B2B SEO confusion

SEO Makes The Internet A Better Place For B2B Marketing

There are two kinds of b2b marketers in the world: ones that know something about SEO and ones that think they know something about SEO.

As someone that is attempting to move from the second group to the first, I’d like to give you some insights into what it is, give you some guidance on how to do it and explain why it actually makes the world a better place.

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A compelling thrift store + an optimized boutique

Make Your B2B Marketing Content Compelling and Optimized

Clothing stores, like b2b marketing content, fall somewhere between two extremes: compelling and optimized.

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