B2B Marketing Content Needs Creative Ideas and Execution for the Best Punch!

The purpose of this post isn’t to argue that B2B marketing requires outstanding content. I believe that any B2B marketing professional still doubting that is probably not open to the points I want to make…

What I want you to think more about is why and how to add more creativity into your content development.

Since I speak as a senior creative director, you may be surprised at how broadly I apply the word ‘creative’ to B2B marketing. I think every part of the process, from the assessment of an opportunity or problem to the formulation of a strategy and budget, to the creative development of messaging and imagery, to the way your story is told all benefit from being more creative. Read more

Two contrasting landscapes representing b2b and b2c buyers

B2B Buyers Vs. B2C Buyers And Why You Should Care

We talk about “b2b” a lot at MLT Creative. All of our posts on this blog have to do with some aspect of b2b marketing. But what really is b2b marketing and how is it really different than “b2c marketing?” In this post, I’ll discuss the differences between b2b and b2c and why these distinctions really matter.

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An action figure of bigfoot walking through the forest signifying millennials.

Breaking News: Millennials Don’t Exist!

A few weeks ago I was shown a presentation by Adam Conover entitled “Millennials Don’t Exist!” that changed the way I think about generations. His presentation offers a humorous counter argument to the widely held stereotype of the millennial. In this post, I’ll share my reactions to his presentation, discuss the place of generational stereotypes in marketing, give you some of my biggest takeaways from Adam’s talk and give you the link to the video of his presentation to form your own opinion.

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Figurines representing visitors to a b2b website that are being retargeted

How To Incorporate Retargeting Into Your B2B Marketing Strategy

The vast majority of people that stumble onto your website will probably stumble away never to see you or your brand again… That is, unless you use retargeting. This post will delve into what retargeting is, how it works and some ways that you can implement it to improve your overall marketing strategy.

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Red windows on a building that stand out as target accounts for b2b marketing

How To Implement B2B Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing. It’s been around for a little while now, but isn’t getting the fan fair that other kinds of marketing like inbound and content marketing are receiving. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. According to SeriusDecision’s 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Study, while 92% of companies recognize the value of ABM, only 20% of companies have had an ABM program in place for more than a year. In this post I’ll uncover why ABM is so under utilized, and how you can use it to improve your digital marketing strategy.

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Google Analytics Reports that are most useful in B2B Marketing

8 Essential Google Analytics Reports For B2B Marketing

Have you been using Google Analytics for awhile but have a sneaking suspicion that you just aren’t using it to it’s full potential? Want to take your skills to the next level? Perfect. This blog is to help you use Google Analytics to get the insights that are most valuable for b2b marketing.

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A sign cautioning of the dangers of b2b buyer personas

4 Common Pitfalls of B2B Buyer Personas

There are a number of guides out there on creating B2B buyer personas. We have one, HubSpot has one, Moz has a lengthy article by Mike King about it. Personas are touted by marketing gurus as being a must have for your content strategy. But if you’re careless, personas can lead you down a bad road or have you following behind your competitors. I’d like to alert you to these 3 Warning Signs of B2B Marketing Persona Misdirection. In your drive for developing buyer personas, follow the signs of success and avoid these hazards:

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Different flavors of ice cream

8 Things to Consider In Choosing A B2B Marketing Agency

In my last post, The Age of B2B Marketing Agencies: Are We Approaching The End?,  I discussed whether marketing agencies are still a relevant solution for today’s b2b businesses’ marketing needs. If you are convinced that they are read on, if not, go check out that post first.

This post is for anyone out there that has decided a marketing agency might be a good option for their company, but are unsure of what to look for in an agency. I want to lay out the different things that you should consider in your agency search.

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Time is running out for b2b marketing agencies.

The Age of B2B Marketing Agencies: Are We Approaching The End?

As someone who is currently employed by one, I’ll admit that I’m a little biased in this discussion, but let’s see if I can defend my bias:

With all the expenses that your b2b business has, isn’t it slightly ridiculous to pay another company to do your marketing? After all, can’t you just do all your marketing yourself? Not always.

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b2b mobile marketer with a micromanaging boss

17 Tools For Helping Mobile B2B Marketers Be Productive

In January I’m planning to move to Athens to be united to my wonderful bride to be. This move will officially christen me into the mobile workforce that we are constantly told via forward thinking Richard Branson-esque Linkedin articles is going to inevitably take over the world.

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