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Social Media Marketing and B2B Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Being a content marketing specialist at a B2B inbound marketing agency makes for great conversation when meeting new people. I’ve become used to explaining what my role is and what B2B content marketing is all about. However, I’ve discovered that it’s easy for people to immediately link content marketing to social media marketing. I can’t count the number of times people have asked me, “So you just sit on Twitter all day?” Two of these people are usually my parents, because they’re old and regularly forget what I do for a living. God bless them.

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Why Pinterest Works for B2B Marketing Too

I think it is important to remember behind every business is a person or people. A key factor to B2B inbound marketing is to use social media to humanize your brand. Pinterest is a great tool for that.

On Sunday mornings my favorite thing to do is to sit around in my PJs with my coffee and my magazines, preferably in a sunny spot, looking at the glossy photos of the beautiful vignettes set up by the photographers. Meanwhile ignoring the unmade bed and piles of laundry that exist in my reality, I can transport myself to this organized, fashionable world for the moment. Sometimes I rip out pages of articles full of wisdom or inspiration to set aside for the future to-do list (see also “honey-do list”) because right now I am enjoying a little “me” time. Or perhaps I am at my desk at work researching the latest best practice in social media marketing but thinking about dinner, enter Pinterest I can research said social media practices as well as figure out what to cook for dinner tonight.

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Social Media and B2B Marketing: Two Questions with Multiple Answers

A friend of mine, Anne Gallaher, owns an agency in Pennsylvania and recently sent two questions to a select group of her peers in preparation for a speaking engagement on changes in social media marketing.

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Five Ways to Improve Your B2B Social Marketing ROI

Just about every b2b marketing executive is under pressure from their c-level leadership to explain and defend their digital strategy. So, you launch a Facebook and LinkedIn account, try your hand at blogging, and may even send out a tweet or two. You hire a full-time SEO / SEM “expert” that has about three years of experience or less because that is all your budget will allow.

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Facebook EdgeRank and What It Means to B2B Marketing

The Facebook EdgeRank has been the topic of most discussions in the social media world lately. An important algorithm, EdgeRank can affect the way your prospects and followers interact with you and your company. In order to understand how EdgeRank affects B2B marketing, we must first define it.

According to PostRocket, EdgeRank is “an algorithm used by Facebook to determine where and what posts appear on each individual user’s News Feed in order to give users relevant and wanted content.” Three different factors are considered in the EdgeRank algorithm, which are affinity, weight and time decay.

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Defining Engagement in B2B Marketing

The term “engagement” is often thrown around in conversations regarding marketing and social media. Increasing engagement is almost always addressed when discussing content, campaigns and new projects. However, a recent article by Mashable pointed out that the word engagement can hold different meanings for different types of companies and brands. When it comes to B2B marketing, what exactly does engagement mean?

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New Twitter Tools for B2B Marketing

If you are a B2B marketer, you probably have a good understanding of just how important Twitter is to your business. With 200 million active users, Twitter has become the premier social network for discovering and engaging in conversation that relates to your business and industry. However, in order to make the most of your Twitter presence, it’s important to ensure you are making the right moves and utilizing the best tools.

Two Twitter tools have been released that make measuring the success of your Twitter presence easier and more efficient. The first is HubSpot’’s RetweetLab, which analyzes any Twitter account to assess the data you need to gain more retweets.

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What Facebook’s Newest Changes Mean to B2B Marketing

On Thursday, March 7th 2013, Facebook announced plans for a News Feed overhaul that will be implemented over the coming weeks. The redesign aims to make the News Feed a more seamless and dynamic function that will focus on highlighting the content. As a B2B marketer, it is important to take note of these changes in order to alter your strategy accordingly.

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Vine for B2B marketing

Using Vine in B2B Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a six-second video must be worth a million, right? The introduction of Twitter’’s new video app, Vine, has opened up numerous doors for marketers, including those in the B2B field.

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Data: Social Media Usage in B2B Marketing

The 2012 Social Media Industry Report asked 3,800 B2B marketers how they utilize social media to grow their businesses. Below is an excerpt from their findings as they relate to getting results through social media, as well as an explanation of how these findings make sense when examined through our current communication climate.

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