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What’s the Next Big Idea in B2B?

It’’s a question you may often think about,– I sure do.

As I was pondering this topic the other day, it occurred to me to Google “b2b predictions” to see what others may have said on the subject. There were many articles from this time last year full of insightful predictions for 2010, and a few recent ones for 2011. I recognized a few of the authors as people I’’ve met and become familiar with via Twitter.

Then I had another idea. Why not pose this question on Twitter to the B2B marketing experts I trust?

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What is Inbound Marketing for B2B?

What is Inbound Marketing for B2B?

Remember when everyone started saying Web 2.0? I remembered thinking, “What does that mean? Why is everyone saying it? It seems self-explanatory,— why do I need to watch a webinar on it?” Well, I found myself in the same situation recently when I started hearing about Inbound Marketing, only this time it didn’’t seem as self-explanatory.

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Advertising 2.0: Internet content, display ads set to change

From BtoB Magazine – June 11, 2009
by Christopher Hosford

“Internet publishers inevitably will charge for their information, and display ads must conform better to the content around them,” proclaimed Barry Diller, chairman-CEO of Internet company IAC/InterActiveCorp., at the opening keynote, Wednesday of Advertising 2.0 New York.

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Coordinate search engine crawl cycles with site

From BtoB Magazine’s Interactive Marketing Guide SEARCH

Bill Hunt, CEO, Global Strategies International

BtoB: Finding things on a company website is important, but often frustrating. What are the major pitfalls?

Bill Hunt: You would think that if a company is making an announcement about something, it would reference it on its website. But say the web page launched the same morning as the news release, without regard for search engine crawl cycles. If it’s waiting to be crawled, nobody’s going to find it,— even on your website. Our experience shows that 40% to 70% of people who land on a multi-product homepage do an on-site search for what they’re looking for, even if the site has drop-down menus. That makes internal search critical.

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Forbes study: SEO, PPC and e-mail influence conversion best practices

By Christopher Hosford of BtoB Magazine

Story posted: June 2, 2009

New York—

When it comes to garnering conversions, senior marketing executives view search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC), and e-mail tactics as the three most effective tools, according to a new study by Forbes Media.

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5 Simple Rules for an Effective B2B Web Site

Offer dynamic content. Don’t just create a site and expect it to be relevant forever. Constantly changing content gives visitors reasons to return time and time again.

Be organized. Visitors looking for something specific need to find it quickly or they will look elsewhere—like a competitor’s site. Read more

Google "Interest-Based" Advertising

Google Announces “Interest-Based” Advertising

Google announced it is launching an enhanced form of behavioral targeting for online display and text advertising that will appear on both its own sites and those of its advertising partners.

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Pro Bono Publico: Using Our Skills in Service

Pro bono publico (usually shortened to pro bono) is a phrase derived from Latin, meaning “for the public good.” The term is used to describe professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service. Pro bono service, unlike traditional volunteerism, uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.

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Amazon window shop

Taking Window Shopping Online

Since I have many wants, and limited means, I have always been a big window shopper. It’s like regular shopping, only you don’t have to fool around with all those bags or the excitement of actually purchasing something NEW!

The experience of window shopping never really translated well online. A lot of clicking on products and waiting for info to appear, videos to stream, etc. It isn’t as enjoyable as the real thing.

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