Take the Guess Work Out of B2B Guest Blogging

One of the best ways to add more voice and variety to your B2B blog is to open it up to guest bloggers.

Your blog may start out with one individual responsible for all of its original content. If that’’s showing positive results and attracting engagement from your marketplace, you’’re doing a great job. But you can do better.

b2b blogging guest bellI suggest acting like a journalist and seek out more content from others within your company. Interviews with staff in the trenches can reveal stories that provide anecdotes about your organization’s processes, solutions and culture. Include more of your channel partners, customers and industry influencers in your process. One way to achieve this is by adding guest bloggers to your strategy.

Guest blogging, like most things in social media, works best if it’s a two-way process. As you invite more people to participate in your blog as a guest writer, or interview subject, you will find more opportunities to provide posts for their blogs, as well. All of this works to expand your influence and attract more of your marketplace.

In How to Be a Guest Blogger Any Editor Will Love, Michele Linn, shares her experiences as the editor of Content Marketing Institute blog. “Writing for other blogs is a fantastic way to share your expertise and get your name out there,” says Linn.

Since we actively practice what we preach here at the Ideas @ Work blog, I thought I’’d share a few examples of guest posts we’’ve had here, as well as some we’’ve contributed to other blogs.

Guest bloggers who wrote for MLT’s Ideas @ Work:

Guest blogs by MLT Creative staff:

guidelines for including guest bloggersJeremy Victor of B2B Bloggers authored a thorough B2B marketing ebook on Guidelines for Including Guest Bloggers:

Four great examples of great B2B blog portals that have mastered the art of coordinating guest blogs are:

B2Bbloggers , SavvyB2B, TheSocialCMO, Webbiquity

I suggest you subscribe to all four of these, –we definitely do.

Would you be interested in providing a guest blog regarding your B2B area of expertise on our Ideas@Work blog, or having someone from our team guest blog on yours? Please let us know. Thanks!