Amazon window shop

Taking Window Shopping Online

Since I have many wants, and limited means, I have always been a big window shopper. It’s like regular shopping, only you don’t have to fool around with all those bags or the excitement of actually purchasing something NEW!

The experience of window shopping never really translated well online. A lot of clicking on products and waiting for info to appear, videos to stream, etc. It isn’t as enjoyable as the real thing.

This week, Amazon has taken a huge step toward solving the online window shopping issue. Introducing what else, but “Amazon window shop.” This is a really cool way of displaying information and getting it quickly into the hands of consumers.

From a Web-development and marketing perspective, I can think of some other really cool applications for this sort of navigation. Bravo, Amazon. Not only do you have the greatest CRM engine on the planet, now you entice me to window shop. Next step, deliver window shop content tailored specifically to my shopping habits! Can’t wait for that.

From brandflakesforbreakfast