Think About Testimonials For B2B Inbound Marketing Success

Testimonials are a tried-and-true method to help assure potential customers that you are the solution of their dreams. From the cigarette ads of the past with doctors promoting smoking to today, where every celebrity has their own personal fragrance line, endorsements and testimonials just always seem to work.

testimonials for b2b inbound marketing successThe big difference today is that there are literally thousands of testimonials being shared every day by almost everyone with a Twitter handle or a Facebook “like” to hand out. In a recent issue of ADWEEK, I read an interview with John Costello, the global CMO for Dunkin’ Donuts. They have been very progressive in their use of these new medias and tools to drive their brand presence with consumers. I particularly liked a couple of his messages in the interview, “Customer testimonials have been an effective form of advertising for decades, and social media makes it easier for consumers to share their thoughts and advertisers to capture them.”


vintage advertisementThink about that for a moment, have you ever considered capturing customer comments from social media about your B2B brand and sharing them? He followed up with this statement, “Letting consumers talk about Dunkin’ is far more powerful than any brand message we could put out there.” That is the heart of the message to me. What others say about your brand is what defines your brand to others, more than any message or marketing you can put in front of them.


dunkin' donutsThere are many ways to leverage great customer testimonials and video may be one of the strongest. Here’s one example of a really strong testimonial video. It
s engaging and has that sense of reassurance about the brand.


Consider ramping up your use of testimonials in your B2B marketing. They are great to share on social media, center blog content around and help move customers through the funnel on your website. Just remember, people research and listen to their peers when considering a product or service, especially in B2B.

What are some great testimonials that you have seen? Share them with us in the comments section.

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