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Billy: It’s rare I engage in a collaborative meeting between marketing professionals without certain words bouncing back and forth. That’s why, in the Word on the Street section, we’ll examine some of this commonly used lingo – terms like branding, positioning, strategy, customer experience, innovation, ideation, lead generation, sales force, competitive landscape and more – by discussing them one word at time.

This Week’s Word on the Street is: BRANDING

There are countless articles and essays that cover branding and the branding process, but I believe my company, MLT Creative, adheres to the word’s most basic definition.

Simply put: Branding designates ownership. Just as ranchers burn distinguishing symbols into the backsides of cattle, symbols, labels and other unique marks are applied to a product, service or process to express ownership.

To build a brand, everything that the brand stands for should be “burned” in to the mind of the target audience. From the first impression to follow-up points of impact, you must strive to convey a consistent image, a meaningful message, a memorable experience and a positive association with your product.

Internally, everyone involved with the manufacture, distribution and sales of this product or service should take “ownership” under a common brand, and understand what that brand stands for in the minds of their customers.

I welcome others to share their preferred definition of the word here also.
– Billy