Essential Buyer Persona Resources For B2B Marketers: A Complete Guide

Buyer Personas can be a complex thing to get your head around. Marketers are all over the place when it comes to understanding them. This post will point you towards some resources for understanding, creating and improving your b2b buyer personas no matter where you are in your persona journey. Enjoy.

9 cartoon b2b buyer persona headshots

For Beginners

B2B Marketing: Buyer Personas, Jung and Video Games

This blog ponders the origin of buyer personas and their cultural significance from a birds eye view. Never heard of buyer personas? This is a great blog for you.

Musings on Building Better B2B Buyer Personas and Augustus Gloop

Not sure buyer personas have a real purpose? Let Sean Borja give you some context and creatively convince you otherwise. Sean uses Roald Dahl’s book Willy Wonka to give you insights into how b2b buyer personas help us to more effectively understand our audience and better solve their needs.

Why You Need Buyer Personas and How To Create Them

You know buyer personas are a thing, you may have been told that you need them, but you’re ready for some cold hard proof that you need them… and help creating them. This blog will show you some statistics about how personas help marketing, show you how to start creating personas and give you some actionable ways to use your personas.



Next Steps

The Essential Guide To Researching Your B2B Buyers The OS Way

Technology has provided a lot of new ways to research your buyers and develop personas, but these new methods can always be supplemented with good old fashioned face to face conversation. This post is a comprehensive guide to researching your buyers the old school way.

5 Essential Questions To Ask In B2B Buyer Persona Interviews

Interviewing your buyers is great way to develop your buyer personas. Make sure to ask these questions in your interviews and avoid wasting your and your interviewee’s time.

B2B Marketing: Combining Online and Offline Buying Behavior

The best buyer personas will include online and offline research. Make sure you’re personas are comprehensive and learn how to conduct online research on your buyers.


An App For Creating B2B Buyer Personas

Still having trouble creating buyer personas? Check out our very own free tool for creating buyer personas. We created it in partnership with buyer persona expert Ardath Albee.

Things to Remember

4 Common Pitfalls of B2B Buyer Personas

Creating buyer personas and keeping them up to date can be a daunting task. Avoid these 4 pitfalls and make sure your personas don’t get the best of you.

The Buying Cycle and B2B Buyer Personas

Understanding your personas is one thing, knowing how they move through the buying cycle is another. Both are essential to serving your buyers well.



Creating and maintaining effective buyer personas for b2b marketing can be a challenge. Even if you do have them, you have to know how to use them to their full potential. With these resources, you should be able to find the answers you need to make useful personas that work for you day in and day out.

Start creating your B2B Buyer Personas today!

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