The LinkedIn Company Profile: Is your B2B in the top 1%?

Guest Post by Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert

By now you might have heard that to get found on LinkedIn, you have to have a well optimized Personal Profile, which will, of course, also get you found on Google. But what about your company? Many business owners don’t even have a Company Profile on LinkedIn. And even if they do, their Company is not being found by their B2B clients. Why? For the simple reason that their company is not correctly named, nor is the description content optimized properly.

In many cases, an employee unwittingly sets up the Company profile. The Company’s Executives might not even know their Company’s profile has been created. For additional info on this topic, see my blog post Is Your Company Properly Represented on LinkedIn?

The first thing you should do is check to see if LinkedIn does in fact have a profile for your Company.

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Once you have access and can edit your Company Profile, if needed, rename the Company name to what it should be. (In case there are spelling errors or other naming issues – Inc. instead of Corp., etc.) You will have to ask LinkedIn to do this for you by writing You will have to prove you have permission to do so by having an email address for your company and your position at that company listed in your personal profile.

Immediately, you will want to expand your Company’s description. You have 2,000 characters to describe your Company’s products or services, the benefits to your clients, some features you offer. Make sure you use all the keywords potential and existing clients would be typing into the search box to find you:

Linked Into Business

  • Your Company Name (Acronym if used)
  • Products
  • Services
  • Your Industry
  • Clients industry
  • Benefits
  • Features

And finally, make sure you have your keywords in the “specialties” section: Verb, noun, acronym, Up to 500 Characters.

Of course, you will want to make sure that all the other information fields are filled out, including your website and blog link. By doing this alone, you should get in to the top 1% of optimized Company profiles on LinkedIn!

(As a cautionary tale – If someone claims to be an employee of your company, and they are not – you can report them at:

We often forget about Company Profiles on LinkedIn. But they can be a powerful channel for B2B inbound marketing and client engagement.  So make sure your company is correctly titled, optimized, and reflective of your B2B brand!

Viveka von Rosen, the founder of Linked Into Business, is a successful entrepreneur, nationally renowned IA Certified LinkedIn trainer and expert, and a respected social media speaker.