The secret ingredient for great coffee

As I watched a preview last night for the new show “Undercover Boss,” which debuts this Sunday on CBS, one storyline really got my attention, because it reinforced a practice we’ve seen to be a success many times here at MLT Creative: Excellent service sells. It’s as simple as that. Addictive service brings customers back.

Addictive service is the secret ingredientThe preview featured Joe DePinto, the man-in-charge at 7-Eleven®, going undercover on the opposite end of the corporate ladder to work various positions within his company. One location he was particularly interested to visit, in Shirley, N.Y., sells more coffee each day than any other 7-Eleven location. Joe wanted to learn their secret, and once he got there, he quickly figured it out: It wasn’t that the coffee was different, or even better tasting than other locations. It was their secret ingredient – Delores. She’s been the “coffee queen” at that location for 18 years, and knows most of her customers by name. And in the clip, as people came and went, Delores was always there with a smile, a kind comment and a helping hand. Joe quickly decided that 7-Eleven needed more of Delores’ secret ingredient.

Do you have your customers coming back for more?

Examine your customer interactions and ask yourself, “Are we doing everything we can to offer addictive service?” Trust me, from our experience, this builds bonds and personal relationships that withstand economic downturns and strengthen brand loyalties.